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Nikita S

Nikita S

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Amy Nelson
thank you <3333333333
Natalie S
haha im jealous how much was it??!!
Natalie S
im sorry but i dont have a functional camera atm... shame too because i have so many new clothes just screaming to be snapped... but we're getting an SLR soon
Tenneil Allmark
I was looking at your Listography and I clicked on your friend's profile, where she linked her LookBook, so I clicked it and voila, I found yours! :p I'm such a creepy stalker. :p
Natalie S
if i can FIND my camera, i am going to take a picture today!! i really need the SLR camera, my dad has it at work somewhere.
Emily H
aww, thankyou ^-^
ahaa, yus, but it's my first DSLR & apparently the D40 is the best one for beginners xD
Emily H
awww, bless.
so what time is it now?
i actually love you, haha. the clothes throughout these sites are amazing! x
Natalie S
:O:O omg i love leona lewis although kk i admit bleeding love was pretty bad.
k i gtg SOCCER WOOHOO lets try and win today
okay d/l KNOCK YOU DOWN its amazingg
Natalie S
bashing leona lewis? sluttie mcslut
what is wrong with leona lewis?
and how awesome is knock you down
Natalie S
haha when that comment said 'big', i thought it said 'pig', as in your house has a pig. roflmao
okay umm i jst listened to The Best You Never Had - Leona Lewis
and do you have Knock You Down? best song everr i am addicted
Natalie S
haha little thief. stealing money! that must happen often in the trailer park.
Natalie S
and guess what! tomorrow night is actually tonight because today is here and last night i made 50 bucks from babysitting so you can suck my balls now.
Natalie S
guess what! its not tomorrow night yet!!! but maybe after soccer when i go out i will dress up and take a pic okay?
Emily H
woah; get some sleep! haha; sure thing (: x
Emily H
aww cool. you may not want too; i could out bid you ;)
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