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Paige Baker

by Paige B., Stylist + Blogger+ Makeup-Artist from Ohio, United States

Paige Baker

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Joss K

Joss K. @pdsejifrjoss

I am around, I'm always around.

Poppy Lee Jones

Poppy Lee J. @poppylee

love your style and you're gorgeous! fanned! xx

Emilie  Martin

Emilie M. @emiliem

Thank you so much for the encouragement my dear!

Bia A

Bia A. @rawrbiaphobia

Thank you for the hype! :)

Joss K

Joss K. @pdsejifrjoss

Happy New Year my love.

Kate Ang

Kate A. @kateang

nice! :)

Joss K

Joss K. @pdsejifrjoss

All well thank you, how are you doing?

Tony Redd

Tony R. @reddguy1

thanks for the hype :) and I see you are in OH as well

Joss K

Joss K. @pdsejifrjoss

Anywhere would be lovely as long as I'm with you.

Burock B.

Burock B. @burockz

Hey Im ok but so busy!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ASKED!! AND YOU??

Joss K

Joss K. @pdsejifrjoss

Well I look forward to having you as my wife, Paige.

Joss K

Joss K. @pdsejifrjoss

My Dad comes from Paris so I could probably arrange something there. As for becoming an icon, if you marry me you will be an icon to many.

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