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Look by Ashley Joncas

Philesciono Canty

Philesciono Canty

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Lyndsey Varella
I know you have some more to give us.
Ellie Gibbs
too fucking cool for facebook now?
Ellie Gibbs
i encourage you to post a look.

thanks i like your glasses ♥
Karl Fundenberger
when are you gonna post some looks, dude? we all know you have a keffiyeh collection
Tiffany K
sup duuuuuuude
Emily Spurlock
Only because WE'RE from this city! I'm so off to Memphis when I graduate college...
Emily Spurlock
Ain't that the truth!
B. Juliet
i can tell from your profile pic that your style is dope.
so just go ahead and post a look why don't you?
Emily Spurlock
Well hello Phil Canty. How goes it?
Sable LaRock
Hello Phil!
Alejandra Perez
haha why don't you have any? I have a few on my camera I've intended to upload. but I'm lazy.
soon though, my camera cable is coming to me tomorrow.
Alejandra Perez
hey phil, whats up?
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