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Poppy Hunter

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Lyzy Maxworthy
I think I need to post a look. Shopping time!!! Now I just need some money...
OH! I watched the first Lord of the Rings movie today. Went on forever and they still didn't get to wherever they were going. Sigh. And Sophie leant me the next two so I can sit in - somewhat - boredom for another 6 hours. Yippy.
Lyzy Maxworthy
SOPHIE HAS HER Ps!!!!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE MY Ls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
Shayy Love
Thanksss! <3
Shayy Love
Thanks for hyping. Cute looks. =))
Jennica Castro
Hi poppy!;) thanks again! happy holidays to you!;) take care dear!;) and oh, keep posting!;)
Lyzy Maxworthy
sorry for the wait o.o but i most certainly agree!!!!
weekend after next sound good?? well we will be on holidays then anyway so of course!! lol
do you want to come with mum, dad and i to luna park in december??? forgotten what day it is, but it's in december (nah-duhhh) but i'll check and you don't have to pay anything except for food i think cause it's like a fun day for dad's work and their fam
pleaaaase come poppay
<3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jennica Castro
hi poppy! thank you sooo much!!!;) post more looks dear!!! cant wait!!!;) take care always;)

Jennica Castro
Hi dear!;) fanned you!

Lyzy Maxworthy
yeah i know **sigh** in a few weeks
dad bribed me that if i passed latin (lol) he would give me MONEY!! and i did and he is going to..
but yeah, SHOPPING MONEY!!!
love you xxxx
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