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Rachul Earnshaw

by Rachul E., 19 year old valley girl from ribble valley, United Kingdom

Rachul Earnshaw

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Kirsty Shaw

Kirsty S.

Why hello rachael from tumblr! :P
Thaanks for becoming a fan. :)
Your looks are great!

Dimas Theodora

Dimas T. @dimastheodora

thanx rach :p

Sandy Rushton

Sandy R. @sandyrushton

thank you so much for becoming a fan!!

Dasdsad Dsdasdsd

Dasdsad D. @johnk

love your clothes, too

Aubrey Gonzalo Graham

Aubrey Gonzalo G.

thankss :]

Yoan Villegente

Yoan V. @yoanvillegente

thank you :-p

Per Holm

Per H. @perh

Aww thank you so much Rach! I'm really glad to hear that! And i guess that your taste of music is as good as mine!

PhoebeOphelia. ♥

PhoebeOphelia. â. @houndsoflove

ahhh yes thee good 'ole days ;)


CNR T. @cnrhatesvowels

i hate losing, and i hate trackies :@


CNR T. @cnrhatesvowels

fiiiiiiine, you found it first, you even bothered to put it on and you look better in it. happy now? :@ atleast i suit trackies better :D


CNR T. @cnrhatesvowels

yep, trackies. it wer the only photo i had that has like my whole body xd i had the american shirt before you and, i dont wanna sound cockey, but i suit it WELLLLL more (:


CNR T. @cnrhatesvowels

evenin' racchhhhhhhhhhhhel. i dont know why i have this, i'm pretty much the opposite of stylish. im wearin' trackies on the picture for gods saaaaake xd
btw, you seem to be wearing MY american flag shirt up there :P

Krystian Atigor

Krystian A.

thank you so much darling :)

Chimi Luis

Chimi L. @chimi123

thanks !!!

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