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Reiel Limlengco

によって Reiel L., 21 歳 Girl | Multitasker から Manila, Philippines

Reiel Limlengco

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MaryAlice M
I am lovely. How are you dearest!?
MaryAlice M
Hi there!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a long time either. Life has been really stress filled lately. Looks should be posted soon. :D
MaryAlice M
Oh it is quite ok, deary! I know life is busy sometimes!!
MaryAlice M
I'm still eagerly awaiting your look, dear!
Moin Rodriguez
thank you! :)
Rap Calayag
thanks for hyping dear! ☺
Tiffany Lafuente
but aww thankyou so much Reiel darling!!!! <3333 :)
Tiffany Lafuente
omg, sorry my badd gahh!! >_< i thought the ones you hyped were your looks, i was so sleepy that night already, omg hahahaha what i did was hilarious :))
Tiffany Lafuente
awesome cool style Reiel! <333 :)
MaryAlice M
You need to post some looks so I can hype them! :P
Carolyn M
Thanks a bunch for the fan! <3
Apple Placer
-- thanks for the hype reiel.. <3 im excited for your looks! :)
Scotty Hollywood
Thank you so much for fanning (:
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