Dark Gray Cardigan

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Bernard Quizon - Oscar De La Renta Dark Blue Cardigan, Sm Accessories Fake Black Glasses, Jayjays Oversized Gray Tank Top, Oxygen Brown Shorts, Tomato Brown Leather Boat Shoes - Sun-kissed

Guilty Guilty

Yanis Y - H&M Gray Hat, Bizbee Suit Jacket, Online Shop Skinny Jeans, Second Hand Shop Black Wool Cardigan - Guilty Guilty
HYPE 117

Dorawa dorawa

Yanis Y - Leather And Studed Perfecto, Black Cardigan, H&M Black Whool Scarf, New Yorker Gray Skinny Jean - Dorawa dorawa
HYPE 137


Becky Baek - Dark Gray Fedora, Stripe Jacket, Black Cardigan, Black Pants, Clutch Bag, Snake Leather Heels - Mannish...
HYPE 106


Becky Baek - Brown Heels, Dark Gray Cardigan, Brown Muffler, Brown Leather Belt, Stripe T Shirts, Navy Baggy Pants - Warm...
HYPE 148
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