Gold Butterfly Necklace

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Girls + Guys

Sweet Nothing

Rhea Hsu - Diva Gold Necklace, Mr. Price Blouse, Hang Ten Shorts, Sx Shoes Heels, Louis Vuitton Bag, Taipei Sunglasses Ring, Taipei Butterfly Ring, Kiss Diamond Bracelet - Sweet Nothing
HYPE 173


Yan Yan - Bangkok Cream Multi Style Dress, Pedro Embellished Sandals, Accessorize Butterfly Floral Clutch, Bangkok Collar Necklace, Diva Triple Rosette Ring - Grecian
HYPE 137

Fuuck prom

Pinar A - H&M Black Very Very Variable,Useable Dress, From My Granddad's Store Vintage Black Shoes With Gold Triangle Polkadots On The Nose, Chanel Vintage Bag, Koton Golden Butterfly Necklace, My Grandma's Closet Vintage Necklace - Fuuck prom
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