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Andre Judd - Jhajing Bone Lace Print Jacket And Trousers, Bnw Collection Gold Chain With Tambourine Neckpiece, Wool Bowler Hat, Jhajing Oversized Round Frames With Gold Rim - BONE LACE
HYPE 378


Andre Judd - Arcade Print Tee, Jhajing Postmodernist Pendant, Simone's Closet Braided Jersey Bracelets, Gglamorosa Gold Bangle, Xtyshop Casio Watch, Vintage Tribal Cap, Chillage Tribal Print Round Frames - ARCADE GAMES
HYPE 404


Andre Judd - Jc Villalva Floral Print Shirt And Shorts With Gold Studs, Lesmoda Floral Embellished Round Frames, Raf Simons Trainers, Angular Visor Cap - GARDEN STATE
HYPE 405


Andre Judd - Mara Chua Red Couture Jacket, Ann Ong Gold Handmade Couture Bangles, Round Frames, Rad By Hourani Leather Strapped Sandals - REDWING
HYPE 442


Andre Judd - Azur Lapis Lazuli By Melchor Guinto Leather And Printed Denim Jacket, Ken Samudio General Cap, Lesmoda Round Frames, The Urban Trunk Linked Medallion Necklaces, Gglamorosa Gold Necklace - UNDERCOVER
HYPE 422


Andre Judd - Vintage Boater Hat, Lesmoda By Bella Morcen Pearl Embellished Round Frames, Button Down Shirt With Scarf Collar, Geek Print Cropped Tee, White Shorts Worn Over Longer Black Shorts, Gladiator Sandals, Sm Accessories Gold Neckpiece - GEEK!
HYPE 333


Andre Judd - Balenciaga Margiela, Balenciaga, Givenchy,Chanel And Lanvin Printed Sweater, Embossed Studded Gold Choker, Gglamorosa Chain Link Neckpiece, Gglamorosa Chain Cuff, Prettylittlefinds Two Tone Round Frames With Gold Accent, Vintage Tophat, Printed Loose Legging Trousers, Two Tone Oxfords - PROUD RACE
HYPE 416


Andre Judd - Protacio Embroidered Metallic Jacket, Jan Garcia Silk Two Tone Trousers, Boot Hybrid, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone Cuff, Gold Round Frames, Gold Metallic Trim Worn As Head Accent, Vintage Blue Denim Jersey Tee, Firma Ornate Neckpiece, Chain Neckpiece - TINFOIL
HYPE 315


Andre Judd - Jinggay Sierag Asymmetric Satin Tuxedo, H&M Sleeveless Button Down Shirt, Ann Ong Gold Neckpiece With Black Onyx Stones, Protacio Laceup Trousers, Rad By Hourani Leather Sandals, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone With Gold Cuff, Chillage Gold Round Frames - TUXEDO PUNK
HYPE 471


Andre Judd - Floral Camo Angular Visor Cap, Gold Round Frames, Marni Collection Of Neckpieces, African Print Pullover, Floral Print Button Down Shirt, Bamboo Print Boardies, Floral Print Leggings, Navajo Print Leather Flatform Booties - TROPICAMO
HYPE 385


Andre Judd - Ann Ong Couture Neckpiece, M Barretto Oxblood Embossed Snakeskin Print On Red Snakeskin Blazer, Oxblood Leopard Jeans, Chillage Gold Round Frames, Oxblood Print Shirt - OXBLOOD
HYPE 482


Andre Judd - Pumpkin Colored Blazer, Kenzo Vintage Floral Vest, Tnc Metallic Red Trousers, Chillage Gold Round Frames, Black Laceup With Gold Chain, Coral Garrett Forked Tie - PUMPKIN PIE
HYPE 490


Andre Judd - Comic Sound Printed Polo Tee, Mint Blazer, Mint Angular Visor Cap, Chillage Oversized Gold Round Frames, Gold Embossed Choker Collar, Metallic Check Cotton Trousers, Gold Chain Laceups - MINTY FRESH
HYPE 554


Andre Judd - Sunset On The Horizon Print Blazer, Ethnic Print Round Frames, Black Tee, Black Slim Trousers, Black Brogues With Gold Chains, Sky Blue Socks - SKYFALL
HYPE 456


Andre Judd - Arnold Galang Prismic Print Shirt And Trousers, Miadore By Yek Balingit Green Clear Neckpiece With Crystals, Ann Ong Gold Cuffs, Mulberry Printed And Embossed Snake, Tapestry Boot With Cork Flatform, Round Frames - FRACTURED
HYPE 469


Andre Judd - Xernan Orticio Red Spike Crown, Ann Ong Crystal Ring, Camo Socks, Ikat Print Booties, Vintage Camo Button Down, Olive Silk Necktie, Vintage Pearls And Gold Earrings, Round Frames - CAMO ROYALTY
HYPE 453
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