Polo Ralph Lauren Green Polo Shirt

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Girls + Guys

Pow "pose"

Cesar Chavez - Vintage Mint Green High Waisted Slacks, Ralph Lauren Button Up, Vintage Brown Shoes - Pow "pose"

Color Bomb

Michael Macalos - Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt, Markus Mint Green Jeans, Wrangler Belt, Salvatore Mann Bag - Color Bomb

1, 2, TREE

Sherwin Montales - Polo Ralph Lauren Green Shirt, Penshoppe Brown Shorts, Milanos Brown Dress Shoes - 1, 2, TREE
HYPE 175

Ruby Rises

William O. - Rodd & Gunn Green Wool Cardigan, Polo Ralph Lauren Plaid Shirt, Spitfire Green Corduroy Trousers - Ruby Rises


Bea Benedicto - Rebel Gear Firework Ring, Shoebox Seafoam Green Loafers, Noel Bazaar Magenta Corduroy Jeggings, Polo Silk Paisley, Longchamp Yellow Green Bag - Pop!
HYPE 426

Happy Pumpkin

Bea Benedicto - Divisoria Yellow Shell Necklace, Polo Retro, Bangkok Green Skort, Cmg Orange Wedges - Happy Pumpkin
HYPE 495

Garden Hue

Bea Benedicto - Polo Granny, Bangkok Green Skort, Pill White Oxford Heels, My Friend, Kia Tribal Bag - Garden Hue
HYPE 627

Go Green

Kenneth B. - Gap Mr. Mailman, Frame, Henry Hill Gold Bowtie, Polo Plaid, Banana Republic Green, Sm Department Store Flats - Go Green
HYPE 170

Asian Flower

Bea Benedicto - Polo Yellow Batwing, Details Mint Green Tulip Skirt, Danielle Gold Booties, Bali Little Silver Buddha, Landmark Pearl Necklace - Asian Flower
HYPE 407

Hologram Girl

Bea Benedicto - Shoestruck Mesh Oxfords, Baguio Black Beanie, Polo Hot Pink, Hong Kong Hologram Leggings, Longchamp Olive Green Bag, Top Avenue White Feather Earring, Random Necklaces, Batman Necklace - Hologram Girl
HYPE 621

Once in NYC

Filippo Fiora - Car Shoe Blue Shoes, Cheap Monday Yellow Jeans, Zara Blue Cardigan, Ralph Lauren Shirt Green And White Stripes - Once in NYC
HYPE 132
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