Protacio Gold Skinny Trousers

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Andre Judd - Protacio Embroidered Metallic Jacket, Jan Garcia Silk Two Tone Trousers, Boot Hybrid, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone Cuff, Gold Round Frames, Gold Metallic Trim Worn As Head Accent, Vintage Blue Denim Jersey Tee, Firma Ornate Neckpiece, Chain Neckpiece - TINFOIL
HYPE 315


Andre Judd - Jinggay Sierag Asymmetric Satin Tuxedo, H&M Sleeveless Button Down Shirt, Ann Ong Gold Neckpiece With Black Onyx Stones, Protacio Laceup Trousers, Rad By Hourani Leather Sandals, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone With Gold Cuff, Chillage Gold Round Frames - TUXEDO PUNK
HYPE 471


Andre Judd - Baroque Print Silk Jacket, H. Custodio And Sm Layered Gold Neckpieces, Digital Print Silk Tank, Protacio Skinny Jersey Trousers - COLOROCK
HYPE 431


Andre Judd - Protacio Suit, Shirt And Trousers, Patent Ombre Grey Cowboy Boots, H. Custodio Gold Neckpiece - BLACK RAIN
HYPE 512


Andre Judd - Ann Ong White Mother Of Pearl Clutch, Protacio Fuschia Button Down Shirt, Red Slim Trousers, Olive Parka, Gold Plate Choker, Gold Neckpiece, Ann Ong Silver Neckpiece - RED FUSCHION
HYPE 519


Andre Judd - Versace Embellished Gianni Frames With Gold And Pearl Clusters, Custodio Ombre Mustard Leather Vest, Hammered Gold Metal Mounted On Leather Cuff, Protacio Button Down Tunic, Vintage Golden Velvet Crop Trousers With Gold Thread Embroidery, Hiking Boots/Oxfords Hybrid, Baroque Rope Necklace - GOLD GOTHIC
HYPE 733


Andre Judd - Sheer Shirt, Bo Parcon Fall Winter 2011 Linen Biker Jacket With Multi Collar Detail And Fabric Overlay, Bo Parcon Indigenous Gold Weaved Necktie, Bo Parcon Fall Winter 2011 Oversized Safety Pin, Enrico Carado Le Masque, Protacio Empaces Jr. Zippered Trousers With Oversized Pockets, Gold Flatforms - DEATH EATER
HYPE 1009


Andre Judd - Lacquer Diary With Oriental Handpainting, Coral Hearts With Silver Chains, Os Custom Made Black Spine Crown, Uniqlo Button Down Check Shirt With White Collar, Protacio Empaces Jr. Gold Embroidered Leaf Jacket, Protacio Empaces Jr. Vest With Red Sash, Protacio Empaces Jr. Black Volume Trousers, Glittered Flatforms, Coral Bangle With Baroque Filigree - ANGLOMANIA
HYPE 693


Andre Judd - Enamel And Gold Neckpiece, Marlon Rivera Holiday 2011 Sleeveless Shell With Matte Shine Draped Panel, Protacio Slim Collar Button Down Shirt, Marlon Rivera Holiday 2011 Asymmetric Leg With Overlapping Panel Trousers, Oversized Coin Purse/Clutch - RAY OF LIGHT
HYPE 617
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