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Glace Reyes - Dyi Top, Shoplvst, Top, Shorts, Muradito, Shorts, Aztec Bags, Sm Department Store, Bags, Pink Tassle, Sm Department Store, Shoes - MIXED SUNDAY

Maxi Robe

Kookie B. - Sm Department Store Hot Pink Jelly Bag, Floral Maxi Robe - Maxi Robe
HYPE 240


Patricia Regino - Shopaholic Black Sheer Top, Sm Dept. Store Teal Belt, Teal Flowery Heels, From My Mother's Old Trunk Big Brown Bag - Gleam
HYPE 164

Game Face On

Shai Lagarde - Thrifted Trapeze Dress, Susto Studded Bag, From Bangkok Studded Platforms, Mossimo Socks, Sm Department Store Scarf - Game Face On


Z Barroga - Thrifted Polka Dot Shirt, Walt Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Earring, Thrifted Brown Bag, Sm Dept. Store Brown Sandals, Artwork Reddish Pink Pants :)) - MnM

Navy x lace

Ruth J. - 168 Dress, 168 Bag, Sm Dept.Store Stockings, 168 Suede Heels - Navy x lace
HYPE 127

Tribal Town

David Guison - Aldo Watch, Sm Accessories Bag, Sm Accessories, Sm Accessories Cap, Baguio City Philippines Igorot Cardigan, Baguio City Philippines Igorot Vest, Billabong Green Shorts, Sm Dept Store Green Socks, Thrifted Brown Boots - Tribal Town
HYPE 581

The Tourist

David Guison - Sm Accessories Cap, Sm Accessories Body Bag, Ballers Unlmtd, Sm Dept Store Cargo Pants, Caterpillar Boots - The Tourist
HYPE 334
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