Thrifted Polka Dot Shirt

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Into the Wild

Marc Bueno - Lespecs Shades, Thrifted Spikes, Tokyo Polka Dot Shirt, Zara Pants, Joe Sanchez Boots - Into the Wild
HYPE 378

Sweet Charade

Luna Nova - Buffalo Exchange Retro Shades, Thrifted Nautical Print Collar Shirt, Vintage Retro Nautical Jacket, Vintage Polka Dot Shorts - Sweet Charade
HYPE 430

SPF 50

Whitney S. - Thrifted Leather Belt, Marc By Jacobs Thrifted Polka Dot Shirt, Target Felt Bowler Hat, Thrifted Hand Sewn Velvet Shorts, Penny's Brown Loafers, Charlotte Russe Two Finger Stud Ring, From My Gramma Vintage Looking Glass Necklace - SPF 50

Formal Tweed

Mr. Cavaliere - H&M Black Slim Trousers, Thrifted Black Wingtip Loafers, H&M Tweed Blazer, Le Chateau Paisley Pocket Square, Le Chateau Black Waist Coat, Le Chateau Black And White Pinstripe Banker Shirt, Black Polka Dotted Tie - Formal Tweed
HYPE 120


Z Barroga - Thrifted Polka Dot Shirt, Walt Disney Mickey And Minnie Mouse Earring, Thrifted Brown Bag, Sm Dept. Store Brown Sandals, Artwork Reddish Pink Pants :)) - MnM


Loverly Hills - Thrifted Polka Dotted Ribbon, Forever 21 High Waisted Latex Leggings, Thrifted Button Up Black Collar Shirt, Grey Pumps, House Slippers - 001
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