Vintage Fruit Shirt

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Girls + Guys

Banana man

Mooney Meng - Kadakada Banana Printing Shirt, Vintage Round Box Sunglasses, Vintage Camera Necklace - Banana man
HYPE 113

Yin yang

Nicola Boraston - Office Platform Sneakers, Vintage Checkered Shorts, Fruit Of The Loom Black Studded Jumper, Vintage Lace Shirt, Vintage Black Leather Bag - Yin yang
HYPE 396

Corn kid

Wendy Spring - Vintage Jeans, Plastic Fruit Shirt - Corn kid


Andre Judd - Vintage Chinese Silk Vest With Tulle And Metallic Sequins Embedded Inside The Tulle, Vintage 50s Hawaiian Resort Shirt, Checkered Crumpled Cotton Jhodpurs, Blue Straw Hat, Proto Reversible Checks With Denim Duffle Bag, Custodio Vintage Chinese Silk Mirror Frame Necklace - TROPIXOTIQUE
HYPE 250

Forbidden Fruit

Adam Gallagher - Hartman Vintage Suitcase, H&M Black Bowler Hat, Heritage 1981 Black Trench Coat, American Apparel Red Scarf, H&M White Shirt, Metro Park Studded Cuff, Urban Outfitters Khaki Skinny's - Forbidden Fruit
HYPE 1633
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