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Wool Felt Hat

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Girls + Guys


Andre Judd - Kimono, Japanese Print Silk Trousers, Blue Wool Felt Hat, Strozzi Rosende Eagle Neckpiece, Blue Suede Laceups, Blue Soft Suit - BLUE ROMANCE
HYPE 267


Andre Judd - Rock Smith Tee, Wanchula Red Wool Felt Hat, Red Green Gross Grain Ribbon, Red Green Canvas Striped Patched Shorts, Knee High Socks, Striped Slides, Collection Of Bee Brooches And Digital Leather Print Brooches - BEE SEASON
HYPE 241

Cage Couture

Andre Judd - Wool Felt Hat, Black Crystal Neckpiece Worn As Mask, Piesa Cage Jacket, Dada Trompe L'oeil Tank, Cuffs, Multi Colroed Crystal Embellished Laceups, Layered Neckpieces, Dada Tank Worn As Skirt - Cage Couture
HYPE 299


Andre Judd - Multi Cross Print Tee, Tri Cross Neckpiece, Christopher Munar Crystal Neckpiece, Cross Earring, Wool Felt Hat, Cross Print Shorts, Polka Dot Socks, Raf Simons Flatfform Laceups - RED CROSS
HYPE 310


Andre Judd - Givenchy Antigona Tote, Two Tone Wool Felt Hat, Arizona Sandals, Givenchy Striped Sweater, Striped Joggers - STRIPEDRAMA
HYPE 312


Andre Judd - The Urban Hour Supernatural Print Bomber Jacket, Wanchula Saramba Wool Felt Hat With Golden Arrow, Matte Gold Rimmed Frames, Wanchula Saramba/Rougerouge Bomb Bag, Birkenstock - SUPERNATURAL
HYPE 355


Sky Dawn - H&M Black Felt Hat, Woolworths Purple Wool Blazer, Divided Vertical Striped Jeans - 03-01-12
HYPE 247


Natalie A - Mackage Wool Coat, Illusion Birkin, Urban Outfitters Cloche Felt Hat, Green Leather Gloves - Amsterdam
HYPE 121
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