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Andre Judd - Renan Pacson Oversized Top With Ovoid Sleeves, Ann Ong Barrell Neckpiece, Andre Judd Glittered Flatforms, Toni And Guy Haute Coiffure, Noli Sculptural Body Armor - BONE THUGZ
HYPE 429


Andre Judd - Vlue Fedora, Louxurious Satin And Silk Button Down Shirt, Ann Ong Gold Barrel Neckpieces - EXCESSORIZE
HYPE 318


Andre Judd - H. Custodio Oversized Quilted Collar/Sleeve, Ann Ong Barrel Neckpiece, Poshfinds Gold Tiered Neckpiece, Chanel 2.55 - DARKWING
HYPE 394


Andre Judd - Metallic Silver Jacket, Gold Abstract Print Shirt, Metallic Jeans, Ann Ong Fold Cuff With Quartz And Amethyst, Ann Ong Gold Cuff With Quartz, Mirror Slipons, Cessa Manila Oversized Wood Frames, Bowler Hat - REAL STEEL
HYPE 340


Andre Judd - Mara Chua Red Couture Jacket, Ann Ong Gold Handmade Couture Bangles, Round Frames, Rad By Hourani Leather Strapped Sandals - REDWING
HYPE 442


Andre Judd - Custodio Metallic Copper Blazer, Ken Samudio Floppy Hat, Ann Ong Barrel Neckpiece With Quartz, Lesmoda Rectangular Lens On Circular Frames, Prada Studded Golf Shoes - THE FALL
HYPE 428


Andre Judd - Heursheen Giraunchy Tee, The Brand Trunk Three Medallion Necklaces And Layered Neckpiece, Gold Couture Baroque Embellished Frames, Ann Ong Byzantine Gold Cuff, Das Louis Xiv Booties - GIRAUNCHY
HYPE 382


Andre Judd - Jan Garcia Couture Velvet Coat With Beading, Braiding, Ann Ong Byzantine Clutch, Distressed Grey Jeans, Das Shoes Custom Made Suede Buckled With Silver Toe, Prettylittlefinds Silver Revo Round Frames - HEAVY METAL
HYPE 415


Andre Judd - Vintage Disneyland Cap, Red Revo Frames, Ann Ong Blue Rose Neckpiece, Glamgoddess Lion's Head Pendant With Chain, Projectsubcult Spike Ring, Project Subcult Spike Ring, Extremefinds Accessories Spike Ring, Marc By Jacobs Neon Cuff, Studded Leather Bracelets, Subcult Surf Print Scuba Top, Floral Print Button Down, Floral Print Trousers, Collection Of Colored Bracelets, Laceup Shoe - DISNEYLAND
HYPE 411


Andre Judd - Paisley Print Polo Tee, Ellazo Manila Leopard Pendant Rope Necklace, Ann Ong Beaded Pendant, Prettylittlefinds Flip Frames, Gladiator Sandals - OM SHANTI
HYPE 376


Andre Judd - H. Custodio Graphic Print Pleated Kilt, Abstracted Printed Tee, Ann Ong Pyrite And Stone Flecked Neckpiece Set In Gold, Prettylittlefinds Flip Frames - HIEROGRAPHICS
HYPE 329


Andre Judd - Salad Day Ombre Neon Tiger Print Sweater, Prettylittlefinds Flip Frames With Blue Revo, Ann Ong Pyrite Cuff With Gold, Luscious Closet Metallic Purple Leggings, Lanvin Metallic Laceups - JOY DIVISION
HYPE 332


Andre Judd - Protacio Embroidered Metallic Jacket, Jan Garcia Silk Two Tone Trousers, Boot Hybrid, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone Cuff, Gold Round Frames, Gold Metallic Trim Worn As Head Accent, Vintage Blue Denim Jersey Tee, Firma Ornate Neckpiece, Chain Neckpiece - TINFOIL
HYPE 315


Andre Judd - Jinggay Sierag Asymmetric Satin Tuxedo, H&M Sleeveless Button Down Shirt, Ann Ong Gold Neckpiece With Black Onyx Stones, Protacio Laceup Trousers, Rad By Hourani Leather Sandals, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone With Gold Cuff, Chillage Gold Round Frames - TUXEDO PUNK
HYPE 471


Andre Judd - Ann Ong Couture Neckpiece, M Barretto Oxblood Embossed Snakeskin Print On Red Snakeskin Blazer, Oxblood Leopard Jeans, Chillage Gold Round Frames, Oxblood Print Shirt - OXBLOOD
HYPE 482

Into The West

Andre Judd - Oversized Black Wool Fedora, Prada Baroque Frames, Ann Ong Couture Necpiece Made Of Brass Components Crystals And Crochet, Blanket Coat, Tnc Metallic Red Jeans - Into The West
HYPE 425


Andre Judd - Knitted Cardi, Ann Ong Crumpled Gold Pendant, Ann Ong Shell, Brass, Mother Of Pearl Neckpiece, Ann Ong Fur With Spikes Baseball Cap, Viktor Khaki Jhodphurs - HONEYBEE
HYPE 473


Andre Judd - Dinosaur Printed Tee, Mundo Cage Check Trousers, Vintage Collection Of Gold Dinosaur Brooches, Crystal Spiked Neckpiece, Brass Tooth Neckpiece, Ann Ong Blue Suede Laceups - DINO PRINTS
HYPE 448


Andre Judd - H. Custodio Pixel Print Trench Coat, Yek Balingit Neon Angular Spiked Neckpiece And Cuff, Givenchy Spiked Earring, Mundo Cage Effect Check Trousers, Ann Ong Suede Shoes - PIXEL PRINTS
HYPE 637


Andre Judd - Jan Garcia Draped Pointed Sleeve Tuxedo Hybrid, Ann Ong Gold Spiral Neckpiece, Ann Ong Gold Couture Basket Weave Clutch With Quartz Crystal, Jan Garcia Velvet Tuxedo Trousers With Leather Stripe - ROCK OF AGES
HYPE 699


Andre Judd - Arnold Galang Prismic Print Shirt And Trousers, Miadore By Yek Balingit Green Clear Neckpiece With Crystals, Ann Ong Gold Cuffs, Mulberry Printed And Embossed Snake, Tapestry Boot With Cork Flatform, Round Frames - FRACTURED
HYPE 469


Andre Judd - Red Brogues, Luscious Closet Deer Print Cropped Silk Tee, Cosmopolitan Floral Print Trousers, Tnc Spiked Neckpiece, Ann Ong Mother Of Pearl, Shell And Brass, Equestrian Print Silk Scarf, Ann Ong Gold Cuff - STAG PARTY
HYPE 404


Andre Judd - Arnold Galang Contrast Graphic Print Sleeve Tunic With Gold Collar Tip And Sleeve Binding With Matching Graphic Print Trousers, Coral Garrett Vintage Silk 'Fork' Ties In Duo Print, Gold And Silver Spike Neckpiece, Ann Ong Gold Cuff - 70s WALLPAPER
HYPE 402


Andre Judd - Black And Clear Crystal With Gold Spike Neckpiece, Vintage Dinosaur Brooches, Eric Delos Santos Blue Gradient Silk Fringe Cape, Uniqlo Electric Blue Shirt, Ann Ong Gold Cuff - BLUE FRINGE
HYPE 501


Andre Judd - Garden Home Intarsia 'Golfer' Cardigan, Camo Print Shirt, Camo Print Denims, Miadore By Yek Balingit Acrylic Neckpiece With Crystals, Studded Flatform Brogues, Ann Ong Gold Cuff - GOLF PUNK
HYPE 467


Andre Judd - Jan Garcia Origami Couture Silk Coat, Ann Ong Crumpled Gold Clutch With Matching Cuffs, Protacio White Button Down, Guy Laroche Vintage Gold Earrings - WHITE COUTURE
HYPE 589
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