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Andre Judd - Silver Id Chain Neckpiece, Olive Ruched Cape, Olive Waxed Button Down Shirt, Perforated Mesh Flip Frames, Trilby, Olive Monk Straps - OLIVE COUTURE
HYPE 353


Andre Judd - Harley Ruedas Printed, Handpainted,Studded Blazer, Extremefinds Accessories Threaded Chain Neckpiece With Crystals, Paisley Sil With Denim Combi Button Down Shirt, Kenzo Dark Clouds Cap - JEAN NIRVANA
HYPE 432


Andre Judd - Jhajing Bone Lace Print Jacket And Trousers, Bnw Collection Gold Chain With Tambourine Neckpiece, Wool Bowler Hat, Jhajing Oversized Round Frames With Gold Rim - BONE LACE
HYPE 378


Andre Judd - Subcult Round Frames With Blue Revo, House Of J Indian Paisley 'Evil Eye' Print Button Down, Buern Rodriguez Braided Haute Coiffure, Sherwin Cajucom Silver Neckpiece, Glitz 520 Silver Chain Necklace - NIRVANA
HYPE 391


Andre Judd - Yhansy Cats Eye Frames, Buern Rodriguez Haute Coiffure, Edgar Buyan Lame Bomber Jacket, Heftigen Anubis Tee, Maison Martin Margiela Casio X, Glitz 520 Silver Id Chain, Sherwin Cajucom Anubis Neckpiece, Drei Soriano Viscose Skorts, Strozzi Abecel Rosende Polymorphic Rings - EGYPTOFUNK
HYPE 394


Andre Judd - Vintage Disneyland Cap, Red Revo Frames, Ann Ong Blue Rose Neckpiece, Glamgoddess Lion's Head Pendant With Chain, Projectsubcult Spike Ring, Project Subcult Spike Ring, Extremefinds Accessories Spike Ring, Marc By Jacobs Neon Cuff, Studded Leather Bracelets, Subcult Surf Print Scuba Top, Floral Print Button Down, Floral Print Trousers, Collection Of Colored Bracelets, Laceup Shoe - DISNEYLAND
HYPE 411


Andre Judd - Trendphile Gold Aviators, Gold Choker Plate, H. Custodio Matahari Neckpiece, Gglamorosa Chain Cuff, Taupe Vintage Wool Boater Hat, Marc By Jacobs Knit Pullover, Eairth Thick Linen Sack Shorts, Vintage Braided Slipons - RIVENDELL
HYPE 399


Andre Judd - Balenciaga Margiela, Balenciaga, Givenchy,Chanel And Lanvin Printed Sweater, Embossed Studded Gold Choker, Gglamorosa Chain Link Neckpiece, Gglamorosa Chain Cuff, Prettylittlefinds Two Tone Round Frames With Gold Accent, Vintage Tophat, Printed Loose Legging Trousers, Two Tone Oxfords - PROUD RACE
HYPE 416


Andre Judd - Cropped Leopard Neon Print Heather Jersey Top, Extremefinds Accessories Braided Jersey Neckpiece, El Lazo Braided Rope Neckpiece, D&G White Button Down, Orange Socks, Chain Embellished Laceups, Pretty Little Finds Flip Frames - SPOTTED
HYPE 332


Andre Judd - Protacio Embroidered Metallic Jacket, Jan Garcia Silk Two Tone Trousers, Boot Hybrid, Ann Ong Pyrite Stone Cuff, Gold Round Frames, Gold Metallic Trim Worn As Head Accent, Vintage Blue Denim Jersey Tee, Firma Ornate Neckpiece, Chain Neckpiece - TINFOIL
HYPE 315


Andre Judd - Gold Print Silk Bomber, Copper Colored Metallic Chain, Antique Brass Neckpiece, Gold Cross Earring, Gold Cuff With Crystal Cross, Protacio Black Button Down Tunic - GOLD EQUATION
HYPE 417


Andre Judd - Fluoro Cambridge Satchel, Insight Fluoro Beach Tee, Fluoro Orange Shorts, Collection Of Black Bangles, Black Resin Neckpiece, Fluoro And Gold Chain Neckpiece, Oversized Fedora - FLUORO COWBOY
HYPE 421


Andre Judd - Purple Wool Fedroa, H. Custodio Purple Kimono Sleeve Trench Coat, Multi Chain Neckpiece, Disco Flatforms - PURPLE RAIN
HYPE 530


Andre Judd - Korea Wax Coated Olive Parka, Protacio Heavy Silk Tuxedo Sleeveless Vest, J. Crew Crystal Neckipiece Worn With Multi Chain Antique Brass Neckpiece, Handpainted Skeleton Jeans, Melbourne Bowler Hat - GOTHIC DANDY
HYPE 662


Andre Judd - Ozzishoppe Macrame Exoskeleton Top, H&M Neon Orange Chain Choker, Neon Orange Socks, H. Custodio 'Matahari' Prey Mantis's Headpiece - EXOSKELETON
HYPE 497
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