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Samantha Savich
hahaah ohmygoodness, you probably always have the best food. my family pretends were lebanese and always eat there food. if i don't have hummus in my house i flip out! all the foriegn people at my school make fun of me and say i failed foreigner school. my youth group consists of 6 people at most, it's a tragedy! i'd love to have someone to talk to about those thangs!so FORSURE!
Ritae !
hahah yah someone told me you were foreign, idk why im not a creep i promise. and i am too, but i didnt believe them because i didnt think you looked it really. im pretty much lebanese/chaldo/assyrian. i think me growing up middleastern foreigner has given me, well uh religious tendencies! haha so yeah i need to be your friend now. because i was really worried about the youth of america and everywhere actually, because even the kids in my old youth group are gonners now lolol. HANG OUT WITH ME. we will talk about religion and fanciful things.
Ritae !

yaya ayyaayya i have one catholic friend!
whats your nationality?
Ritae !
lol thats cute.
im assuming your religious then!
what religion?
Ritae !
im really good! kyle thousand told me once that our homes are very alike because they are embelished with Jesus pictures everywhere.
Ritae !
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