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J. Sandoval Gomez

によって J. Sandoval G., Visual Marketing Director から Los Angeles, United States

J. Sandoval Gomez

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Abhijit Saiprem
Leeloo Cubus
oh thank you so much for these kind words!
Quentin Hert
I love your STYLE, it's just...Perfect...
Jordan Kindell
fierce model
Julien Garçon
how did u add music to ur profile? that's amazing
Quan Mai
lol do you like leaving such nice and sweet comments like that?! thanks! and I loveee "L.E.S. Artistes" one of my theme songs! hahaha
Quan Mai
LOL wow, really?!! that comment just made my night, thanks!! I'm extremely flattered that you liked it enough to set it as a background on your phone aaha... that's a first! yeah, it was a beautiful day in San Francisco castro neighborhood :)
Chris RYAN
thank you
im the only special thing in Barstow
Mario V
thank you mister
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