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Shai Lagarde

によって Shai L., Not just a fashion blogger から Love Chic, Korea

Shai Lagarde

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Xtine  C♥
Oh, I love your looks, very classy!
Silvia  De Almeida
Beautiful looks you have dear ! Love <3
Bea Benedicto
Haha aww it's no problem, lovely one! <3 thanks for fanning me baaaack
Jade MC
Hi Shai! No worries~ Still looking awesome! Thanks for visiting our pages (Keita and I) and hope to see you soon! <3
Keita Lee
Hallo, Shai! Hihihi~ Thanks for visiting me and Jade's pages! Yesss~! See you sometime! :-3/
Stephanie D
Hi Shai! Thank you for fanning and for dropping by my page. mwah! =) Stay gorgeous! <3
Jessie Khoo
great looks, pretty girl!
Rhea Bue
Hey! How are you doing, gorgeous? :) Thanks for dropping by ;) ♥
Marc Gamboa
You are stunning! You have amazing style and I love all your looks! You definitely deserve more hypes and fans :D +1
Cukz L.
ganda!!! =) fanned!
Erika Rosales
Awesome style! Fanned! ♥
Julia C.
in love with your looks!
Lucy Mitchell
I LOVE your style! :) <3
Jace Amornkuldilok
Cute looks, very refreshing :) fanned and hyped :)
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