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Paula Aparicio

by Paula A., 19 year old full of grace from Santiago, Chile, Chile

Paula Aparicio

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Musa  De Lirio

Musa D. @musa_de_lirio

Disculpa no haber respondido tu comentario antes, soy medio volada :P. Gracias por tu comentario, es gratificante encontrar compatriotas :)

Adelso G.

Adelso G. @adelsog

Hey. + FAN

Veronika Gersdorf

Veronika G. @veronikag

i like you, you are cool

Hermione Granger

Hermione G. @melody_

i like your profile picture (or whatever that picture next to your description is called) very much!

Bernardita  Prudant

Bernardita P. @bernarditaprudant

me tincó que eras chilena! no sé por qué ahahah
un beso grande!

Kyle Landry

Kyle L. @kylelandry

Yeah I need to get some posted, I just need to find the time to take some photos!

But the movie was so good, I balled through most of it!

Kyle Landry

Kyle L. @kylelandry

Just wanted to say I saw your display picture and love it! I hope to be seeing the movie today!

Dana Lee

Dana L. @dana_lee

I really love your profile picture :)

Matthew Fontaine

Matthew F. @fontaine

Now why would you call me Monster.. that is my question? =P

James Demitriou

James D. @thekaneas

you should post a new picture......


S L. @sphlbbn

hello! sorry i just saw you comment about creating the hairdo with the floral headscarf on my look. well basically i curled my whole head of hair the day before - then slept on it. i backcombed it really big the next day and then placed the headband in.. just behind the parting of my fringe. i messily pinned sections of hair up with normal hair grips.. and did this until all my hair was up. hope this helped.

James Demitriou

James D. @thekaneas

hey paula hope all goes well for your country men in that mine!!!

Alexei Piñones León

Alexei P. @singeeteeteet

una chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena:D que bcn!
yo soy de la tercera region y tu ?

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