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Kavita D

によって Kavita D., 21 歳 blogger at http://www.shewearsfashion.com から England, UK, United Kingdom

Kavita D

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AliciaBell Kristen
Really stunning looks. I like her Hairstyles and Fashion. She looks very beautiful and attractive.
Marta Elizabeth
I love your name I think your beautiful and love your style looking forward to seeing more I'm new on lookbook so any one who wants to fan:) ;)
Floras World -
Wooow, i loooove love love your style, just wow!! <3
Brubs Godoi
Justin Jack
Really great looks. I like her fashion and style. She looks very beautiful and attractive.
Vanny Roxx
Great looks ♥
Alexa S.
Love your looks!
Marouan Ahroum
amazing:!!<<3 fanned
Jessie Khoo
seriously obsessed. fanned x
Mirjam Van den Berg
Pretty looks! Keep posting ♥
Holly Anne
Thanks for fanning! Been a huge fan of yours for a while now!
JoelleB M
Very nice follow my instagram #shawty_bj
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