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St David

by St D., , from France, France

St David

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Abhijit Saiprem

Abhijit S.


ぴょん (pyon)

ぴょん (. @szkkn

i like your style

Barbara Maria

Barbara M.

Ben Liu

Ben L. @bendabenliu

Thank you Saint David :D

Paula Pastrana

Paula P. @sfionna

just amazing. <3

Izabe Lioux

Izabe L. @izabe

Ah you have some of the best looks on lookbook! You're great keep it up :)

Pandemie Omniuire

Pandemie O. @pandemie

oooh, youre so crazy! D love this madman <3 fanned you

Cristina C

Cristina C. @chrissychrispy

omg i love your playful colourful looks<3 really awesome style :D


MIND THE MUSTARD .. @mindthemustard

oh my gosh you're a fun one ! :D
love x

Dagmar P.

Dagmar P. @morien

What a style you have!

Avina ★彡

Avina ★. @avina

OMFG, thanks so much for fanning. ;A; Your looks are such an inspiration, I can stare at them for ages and find something new every minute!

Leslie B.

Leslie B. @babycatloses

Ta cote de popularité baisse on dirait baby :/

Lui C.

Lui C. @imasupercamerafreak

You are one COOL stylist, Sir St. David... Very colorful and comic pieces can be seen from your looks... Really nice! c" ,)

Maxi Pad

Maxi P.

oooook lets get married now

From Anna with love  fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .

i like your style...had to hype again, cause my hypes were gone...(????)

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