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Taylor Freeman

によって Taylor F., 20 歳 free spirit から USA/UK, United States

Taylor Freeman

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Sensei Suave
Your are everything!!!
Sunuk Rai
great style wanna fan each other?
Katy Dangal
Love your look
Katie Chambers
You're on fire
Lisa O
If i had frizzy hair like you I would were it exactly the same !
Diana L
Love your looks!
Benedetta .
Like you looks! Fanned!!!
Allyce Best
Your looks are so wonderful. Hyping your recent looks :D
Dara H.
Your looks make me happy! Gypsy Sun was the one of the first looks I saw when someone first told me about lookbook....and I wish my fro was as big as yours!
Malin Z
amazing style! <3
Sharleen Chidiac
hair dreams!! you're incredible <3
Kara Geraerts
cool style! I love it <3
Francesca Schiavoni
You're perf ♡
Alex Drug
you are beautiful!
Rodricka J
I enjoyed looking at all your looks, its so 80's and 90's!!
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