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Not Even

によって Not E., 26 歳 男 から Australia

Not Even

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Adam Thomas William
where you go?
Robbie Devonald
woah for someone with looks like yours to say that to me is really shocking! thankyou:) your looks are just beautiful!
Adam Thomas William
you and your style is really hot man!
James McMaster
Yeah, I looked it up. Sounds really interesting. I'll be sure to watch it one day soon, now that school and exams are preactically over.
James McMaster
Thanks a lot. I checked out your blog too, and I love your little stories.
I do like Black rebel Motorcycle Club too. Haven't heard of the other one but I'll check it out. Cheers.
Mary M.
ok, the french are romantic and like (to eat) ppl
true love should come from everywhere, right
anyways, i love france
Mary M.
cannibals arent romantic, are they?
you are french, i see
Jimmy H
you're adorable
James T
um what?
Jimmy H
hahahaha that was a HORRIBLE translation.
Jimmy H
« Le temps passe. Et chaque fois qu’il y a du temps qui passe, il y a quelque chose qui s’efface. »
Jimmy H
i crossed the firth of fourth because i heard you'd been
playing a club in aberdeen
but that was last christmas
i came too late
summer's here, summer's here.
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