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Amy Roiland

by Amy R., 63 year old Blogger/Model/Designer @Afashionnerd from Los Angeles, United States

Amy Roiland

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love your looks!
Poᛋt-Puŋk L0v3R
Heyy ur haircut and ur look are so smart and good tasty i like ur style and ur lookin too Of course Fanned plus Hype and i add u on fb ;)
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lovely style! #fanned
Eveline P
Love your style!!
Jasmin R.
fanned! cool style
Sharrel Veenstra
Gorgeous looks<3 I love your style
Sybille Green
Fanned you dear ♥️ Your style is perfect
Tina Booboo Tshangela
I love your style AMY ♥♥♥ 100% fanned!!!
Luke Richard
Love your looks!!! Fanned :)
Thao Dominic
your looks are so adorable, love <3
Aisha Holvb
awesome looks!!
Panagiotios Karounis
I love your style!
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