Fashion "restraints"

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Miguel Santiago

Miguel S.

United States

236 posts

Have you, in any moment of your life, experience any (for the lack of a better term) fashion restraints?

In my case, a certain relative always checks and drop comments (usually in a negative light) about the things I wear. ("your chucks are dirty", "your pants are too tight", etc. think > generation gap) because of this, I feel uncomfortable wearing anything i want. It really sucks, its as if he wants us to always dress up exactly like him. Sigh. How would you deal with this? It's an intrusion!

9 years ago

Kayla Worrell

Kayla W.

United States

87 posts

My size.
I'm too small for the fashion industry.
4'7" and 85lbs, it quite hinders me.
It's shit finding clothes that I like, that fit me also.

0 · May 3, 2009

Alexandra Quillon

Alexandra Q.

United Kingdom

2 posts

My shape; short and extremely curvy.

0 · May 7, 2009

Kevin Watts

Kevin W.

United States

97 posts

Some of people's biggest fear is being fearless.

0 · May 7, 2009

XVCIII Kasabian



89 posts

my restraint is sweat. When an outfit is sweaty, i cannot wear it :(

0 · May 7, 2009

A lamb In a Box

A lamb I.


98 posts

@Jasmine H.

of course... damn money!

0 · February 2, 2011

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4347 posts

Same here!

0 · February 2, 2011

Charles Olivier W-M

Charles Olivier W.


657 posts

My shape (sometimes). I have difficulty to find blazers that fits me, because the sleeves are always too short for me. The same for coats.

0 · February 2, 2011

Sbhe Ke kuhle

Sbhe K.

United States

133 posts

before it used to bother me too.. my mother is always making comments like i look like an old lady but hey this old lady looks good,, i learnt how to get over it and deal with it. now im comfortable in what i wear

0 · February 2, 2011

Ashley Volkmann

Ashley V.

United States

23 posts

As much as we say we don't care what others think about what we're wearing, there is almost always a bit of concern, it's human nature. Just have the confidence and it doesn't take much to persuade the person that you look great. Rock what your wearing on the outside, despite what you might feel inside.

0 · February 2, 2011

Alexandra J

Alexandra J.


148 posts

my boobs. money.
Those would be the biggest two! I always have to worry about too much cleavage showing, it very much limits what I can wear

0 · February 3, 2011

Rochelle K-

Rochelle K.

United States

96 posts

@Vanessa V.

God, I agree with all of this so much. My mom is the same exact way. She definitely pays attention to what she wears, but she's very traditional in that sense.
And as for the body size, I completely feel for you. I'm exactly the same. =/

0 · February 3, 2011

Mysti R.

Mysti R.

United States

67 posts

my dad always used to tell me "that doesn't match" or "are you sure you want to dress like that?"
my mom tells me to pull up my pants, as if she wants them to meet my tits or something. i know how to wear pants, i'm not a child. and i'm not showing my asscrack, so chill.

0 · February 26, 2011

Yoon Jae

Yoon J.

United States

482 posts

My father didn't let me dress how I dress now untill this 2010. Whenever I wear skinny jeans (which is daily) I feel insecure because he hates them, whenever I wear my foxtail, I feel the same way. Some people don't understand fashion and never will. Someone can't learn if they arnt willing to be taught.
I would recomend to just stop carring. If they are going to give advice when you never asked they should be ignored. I live by this, and it works perfectly. I'm not going to compromise my style to appeal to others.

0 · February 26, 2011

Ezi E

Ezi E.

United States

81 posts

My mother and brother are really conservative and mainstream about clothes so my mom despises thrifted clothes and my brother just hates essentially everything I wear. I also don't just feel that wearing quirky pieces and the like groove very well with the "central Texas baptist university" dynamic that's going on here since there's an incredibly uniform style of dress 'round these parts. In any case, I'm not home enough to give more than the slightest of slight notice to my mother, my brother attends my same school but we see each other too infrequently for his judgement to do more than topical damage to my confidence. As for going with the grain of general style in (this whole state) my university, eh...I find that I can break it to within certain boundaries and still feel comfortable.

I do want to move to a big city like NYC and experience more of the wide spectrum of style though.

0 · February 26, 2011


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