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How tall are you?

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Tamara L

Tamara L.


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How tall are you all? :D
I'm 5'7.5", and I know that's not too tall, but
I personally feel like a giant around most my peers. D;

To keep on topic,
what height do you find "attractive"?
Most guys I know are attracted to really short girls,
finding them cute and such.
I sometimes wish I was shorter, haha.
Allowing me to wear higher heels without feeling like a skyscraper.


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I'm 5'6" and I quite like it. I had a super early growth spurt so I was always the tallest in my class which was a little embarrassing but after a while everyone else started growing and now I'm pretty average.

I definitely prefer someone who's taller than me even when I'm wearing my tallest heels, but when it comes to love, physical attributes aren't a deal breaker for me. If he's the one for me he can be short and it's not like I won't love him cuz he's shorter than me.

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