Whats your view on trends?

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Chloe Waugh

Chloe W.

United Kingdom

62 posts

I don't actually tend to follow trends, i wear what i want whether it's out of 'trend' or what not. One of my biggest hates is when you look everywhere for something and nowhere sells it, then you finally find it from ebay or you make it etc and then the next thing it's in every highstreet store and every other person is wearing it.

8 years ago

Gary Livingston

Gary L.

United States

156 posts

Kinda annoying. Most trends are retarded and only in because some dumb celeb got paid to hype it up.

0 · January 5, 2010

Zanna V.D

Zanna V.

United Kingdom

2879 posts

I try to take trends and put my own twist on them but end up looking the same as everyone else hahahaha

0 · January 5, 2010

Roman Dennis

Roman D.

United Kingdom

414 posts

i like to follow them when there fresh and then i get annoyed because its everywhere and everyone wears it so i think i hate im not sure yet but my new years resolution is to set a trend not quite worked out what its gunna be

0 · January 5, 2010

Chloe A

Chloe A.

United States

3841 posts

I don't follow trends. But apparently I start them.

0 · January 5, 2010

King Leo

King L.


1630 posts

that tends to happen to me too.
But I don't follow them much, I just take stuff I like from them.
Like someone said "fashions fade, style is eternal" :)

0 · January 5, 2010

Chloe Waugh

Chloe W.

United Kingdom

62 posts

and is that supposed to me aimed at me?

0 · January 6, 2010

Stephon Carson

Stephon C.

United States

393 posts

I don't like trends as well as you do but when in a trend you should be doing it better then everyone else.

0 · January 6, 2010

Patricia .

Patricia ..


443 posts

what is trendy differs from a person to another i think. i wear whatever i like/can find/fits/look good on me -- it doesn't matter really.

0 · January 6, 2010

Shannon Hawkins

Shannon H.

United States

54 posts

I love trends when they first begin. After awhile everything begins to get a bit stale and you end up relying on classic items. However, what I do hate is when classic items get labeled as trends. I sometimes feel as if nothing is sacred anymore.

0 · January 14, 2010

Shannon Hawkins

Shannon H.

United States

54 posts

@Shannon H.

I should specify and say "I Love *some* trends"

0 · January 14, 2010


Vicky D.


934 posts

I don't really care about trends. Whether something is "so 2005" or super trendy at the moment, if I think it's pretty I wear it. End of story.

But I do hate it when I'm looking for something, get it FINALLY and then 6 months later you'll find that exact item in EVERY store. :c It happened to me with skinny jeans, peep toe shoes, studded bags...
Belgium's just a retarded country when it comes to fashion.

0 · January 14, 2010

Amynata Nepomuceno

Amynata N.


138 posts

I'm iffy when it comes to trends.
I like that there's something to "guide" you when you want an easy way to being fashionable, but people also tend to get comfortable with them and stop innovating, which is bad.
I saw Rio de Janeiro's Fashion Week and you could pretty much tell what was to come in every collection =/

0 · January 14, 2010

Lauren Woodward

Lauren W.

United Kingdom

83 posts

i dont really follow trends, but do at the same time i buy what i like and then everyone seems to be wearing similar things :P

0 · January 14, 2010

Diana Antonia

Diana A.


1725 posts

Why is everyone here on Lookbook so scarred to look a bit like someone else..?
The world doesn't stop just because someone wore the same dress as you.
I Just Dont Get It.

I like some trends, and dislike some. The ones I like I follow, the ones I don't like I don't follow.

0 · January 14, 2010


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