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Name 5 Films You Think Everyone Should See sticky

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Sophie Darling

Sophie D.

United States

163 posts

Name five films that you think everyone should see for whatever reason; powerful, inspiring, repulsive, honest, hilarious, beautiful...

Perhaps try and not repeat the same ones quite a few times, as well.

I'll start;

1. The Dreamers
2. Spun
3. The Rules of Attraction
4. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
5. The Breakfast Club

over 5 years ago

Kate S

Kate S.


19 posts

i haven't seen many films so this is an incomplete list but

5. the dark knight rises
4. the lego movie
3. but i'm a cheerleader
2. bully
1. pan's labyrinth

0 · 13 days ago

Hana Redzepovic

Hana R.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

10 posts

1. Memento
2. Fight Club
3. The Beach
4. City of God
5. Catch me if you can

0 · 6 days ago

Ilaria  E

Ilaria E.


2 posts

1. Hachiko
2. The wolf of wall street
3. All the Marvel's one
4. The Lone Ranger
5. Trascendence

0 · 4 days ago


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