In Paris from 16th Feb, anyone wanna hang out?

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GarconJon .

GarconJon ..

United Kingdom

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Im in Paris for a wee trip on the 16th of Feb.

I'm 21 and a student from Glasgow who is just back from living
in New York. I'm obviously into fashion, am a photographer,
love art galleries and fancy going dancing while I'm there.

I'm looking for a guy or girl who wants to
rendez-vous, any age but with same interests. My french is minimal.

Wanna get a coffee, go to a club (think Ponystep Paris), make
art or just want to hang out?

Message me! :-)

over 9 years ago

Sophie Darling

Sophie D.

United States

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0 · February 6, 2009

Adeline Rapon

Adeline R.


77 posts

Hey, why not ?
add me on facebook :)

0 · February 7, 2009

Anna C.

Anna C.

United States

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a shame. come to berlin.

0 · February 8, 2009

GarconJon .

GarconJon ..

United Kingdom

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@Anna C.

When I'm going your way I'll send you a message then! x

0 · February 9, 2009

Samantha L

Samantha L.


346 posts

Have fun on your trip! :D
I've always wanted to go there...
Let me know how amazing it is so I can tell you how jealous I am of you. D:

0 · February 15, 2009


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