What song is the most inspiring to you when getting dressed?

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Barbro Andersen

Barbro A.


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Which song gets your fashion-heart racing?

I put on my darkest outfits when listening to Zeromancer and their houses of cards, I want to put on twenty three different types of clothing when listening to Lady Gagas Bad Romance og Katy Perry just gets me going :p

How about you? Any thoughts :)

8 years ago

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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I like the message of this song: "Being honest is no means of survival, avoid your inner-feelings like the plague,
This is what it takes to comply with the images this structure will accomodate,
But things aren't what they seem when they're partially hidden behind walls of pretence built for peace of mind.
The barriers between us are forever maintained by our acceptance of the roles others choose to define.

In a world of competition life's portrayed as a contest where we're forced to live by making gains at others expense,
But no-one's really gaining when perpetual conflict's the result of our relationships based on pretence,
We don't need this cultural cosmetic division it upholds the self-interest on which the system feeds,
A deconditioned consciousness of mutual respect is the only way to cure this cosmetic disease."

0 · March 14, 2014

Ronel Jibril Ornido

Ronel Jibril O.


64 posts

Donatella & Fashion by lady Gaga ❤️

0 · March 18, 2014

Eddie Cossaboom

Eddie C.


523 posts

Wow! Zombie thread... It was started 4 years ago, and just resurrected.

Gotta say though, this is one of the strangest questions I've ever seen. Don't think I've ever listened to music while getting dressed in my life! Lol! Equally funny for me to look through all the people who do...

0 · March 20, 2014


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