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What you find unattractive on the opposite sex

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Rose A

Rose A.

United Kingdom

364 posts

i.e: strictly clothes/fashion, not personality etc.

I hate it when guys wear skinny jeans. why? slim fit jeans are fine, but tight skinny jeans? no thanks.

6 years ago

Emily W.

Emily W.

United States

35 posts

I absolutely HATE when guys wear Timberland boots. Honestly, a part of me dies a bit when I see a cute guy sporting some timberlands.

Also, I really can't stand "jordans" or whatever their called? They're some sort of basketball shoe, I think...

0 · February 8, 2010

Dieter Muschket

Dieter M.


27 posts

when girls where boxer shorts.... W T F

0 · February 8, 2010

Jazz Nicole

Jazz N.

United States

2653 posts

Just dirty, stained clothes in general. I think that's disgusting.

0 · February 8, 2010


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