DREAMS for an art project.

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Abigail Dawes

Abigail D.

United Kingdom

169 posts

This is for my final major project,so i would greatful for anybody who helps.

Basicly just if you have any weird,crazy or just andy dreams at all really that you remember could you please just post them here :)

Thank you

8 years ago

Phoebe Jones

Phoebe J.

United Kingdom

488 posts

I have weird dreams.
I dreamt I was half a car, I dreamt I was running away because my friend told me a terrible secret and then my grandpa was sad because someone climbed his willow tree and broke it, and i dreamt that i was in portugal in a shop and there was a tree with a story about how this guy had hurt my friend. and there were facebook like buttons under it O.o

0 · March 2, 2010

Vicky Dale

Vicky D.

United Kingdom

42 posts

i once had a dream where a bird ate my mum....? :L
i also once dreampt i was part of robin hoods gang
and a dream where me and the thunderbirds were trapped in an icecream factory....
i also had a dream where a giant skull had tenticals and took off my roof and tried to eat me...
i had had a dream about the teletubies once......
i have wierd dreams :L

0 · March 2, 2010

Ali Christina

Ali C.


103 posts

Once I had this dream where I was at this weird school that had carnival, and everything was kind of creepy and I was dressed in a ballet outfit, tutu and all, only with my converse on instead of fancy shoes. And then I was in this assembly at the school, and I was supposed to dance but then I left and got on this bus, and then I had this weird kind of flash-forward/vision thing about this woman with red hair, but when I snapped out of the vision thing I wasn't on the bus, but still just getting on to it and I asked the bus driver a question and she said something weird, and I felt al lscared and then I got off and saw the woman from my vision thing, so then I was chasing her, but then this car got in the way, and I lost her. SO I was wondering where I should go then, and then there was this old asian couple walking and then they got hit by this fancy silver car, and they were still holding hands even though their heads were like knocked off, and then I was back by the school and then these college guys wearing those cliche kind of sweatshirts and carrying this big long pole were swining it at me trying to get me, but I kept jumping and they were like laughing, but my feet felt really heavy and I could hardly move and my feet were getting stuck in this really sticky mud....

more of a nightmare, I guess. But.

0 · March 2, 2010

Lydia Jam

Lydia J.

United Kingdom

995 posts

I've had a fair few.

As a child I dreamt that I was little red riding hood and I was walking down a road and then got eaten by a wolf, I remember being inside the wolf and seeing (somehow) that the wolf was still in the road and a car was coming. The car ran the wolf over and it was really vivid, I had been eaten and was now getting run over.

Not a great dream for a little kid.

0 · March 2, 2010

Erin G.

Erin G.

United States

3 posts

ahhh dreams are my favorite. I remember almost every dream I have in great detail. Theyre usually really twisted. I have dreams about really serious things like rape and being buried alive. I have silly dreams like Miley Cyrus' wedding or being in a Mid Summer Nights dream or climbing a mountain with Winnie the pooh. I can go into detail if you want....

0 · March 2, 2010

Annette M

Annette M.

United Kingdom

126 posts

I had a dream that one of our dinner ladies fell in love with the deputy head of school and then someone spread it around and blamed it on I got expelled, but then for some reason the Red Queen ordered my head to be chopped off.
So I ran away and hid in a castle but there were these two trucks (Red and green, representing peppers. Yeah I don't know either. I just remember knowing instinctively that they were PEPPER trucks) that were following me, so I climbed into a wooden box full of cheese. Mainly cheddar.
Then I ran across the green when I thought they'd left and Marilyn Manson came up to me in full makeup and a tutu and started shooting fireworks at me.

0 · March 3, 2010

Abigail Dawes

Abigail D.

United Kingdom

169 posts

Thank you everyone thats posted,i can use all of these :)

I need more!

Any dream or nightmare you can remember it doesnt matter how recent it was,
il be eternily greatfull to anybody who shares theres! :)

0 · March 22, 2010

Meta Hillmann

Meta H.

United States

198 posts

my worst dream ever happened when i was about five.
i cant remember everything that happened anymore, but it terrified me.

what i can remember:
apparently i was babysitting, and walking through a dark park.
at some point there were holes in the ground, and babies were falling in there, and died. dead babies everywhere. and im pretty sure the kid i was babysitting died too.
creepiest thing was i was like 7 years old when i dreamt this, never babysat before then, and still had this crazy fucked up dream.

0 · March 22, 2010

Anisha M.

Anisha M.

United Kingdom

22 posts

The world was ending and aliens were in my back garden but they were polite and allowed my family and I to pack our belongings and leave the house without any harm. There was a lot of chaos on the streets but my bus was still running and a few of my school mates were on there deciding what to do with their last few hours of life. I got off the bus to see my friends selling pancakes for a very high price. My form tutor was there telling them off saying, "You should not make people may such high prices, you should be giving them out for free so they can have a little happiness before they die," but my friends were acting very greedy saying they needed money for clothes. I remember feeling very angry about their attitude.

Haa, hope it helps:)

0 · March 22, 2010

Bebe Sharp

Bebe S.

United States

23 posts

i dream of kissing almost every night.

0 · March 22, 2010

Zoë Rae Sultenfuss

Zoë Rae S.

United States

232 posts

i have continues sex dreams,

one in which i was becoming very intimate with a boy i cannot have in real life, and as soon as our lips were about to touch, he through me on the floor. and i sat there and icried, and i couldnt look up at him. and everything kidna went dark and i heard his voice say, "tell me what you want".

i've also had a continious dream when i was young, that it would start out that we were having a party(my family and i) and it was all very nice and fancy and sophisitacted, and my mom would ask
"zooey go get that computer software and show our guests"
(i played a disney game alot)
and so i'd go down and get it and this boy with black hair kinda standing up all staticky, and in all black, very pale, wouldnt ever let me up the stairs, i'd get half way up and he'd pull me by my legs, i got up once, but tripped and he grabbed me.

and thats all that was to it.

sorry for the horrid spelling, but i hope my dreams helped:) i have lots of very odd ones.

one about my mother being killed. if you'd like to hear it let me know.

0 · March 22, 2010

Tayler Worrell

Tayler W.

United States

300 posts

a lot of my deja vu occures because of dreams. so something repetition in your artwork would make a lot of sense

0 · March 23, 2010

Aya Ng

Aya N.


325 posts

well i have a lot of dreams that depict motion, like running endlessly, jumping from a high state, climbing really high ladders and what not. i think it would be interesting to depict that considering that the "running" in your head makes you freakin tired even if you weren't really running. it feels too real. and your body knows it.

0 · March 23, 2010

Viki Cheung

Viki C.

United Kingdom

1686 posts

I dreamt that I was watching a home video of bruce lee's life. he'd obviously pissed some triad dudes off so they came into his house and beat the shit out of his mum's legs. then there's like a twenty minute chase and fight scene, and he obviously beats the crap out of them. and then there's a weird blackout and then there's a baby sitting on the table and then i wake up.

and there's the one where the fat ninja woman comes into my house and kills my mum. and the one where me and a friend are skateboarding down this massive hill and it's like we're in a video game because i somehow manage to swerve around everything and i don't die when i fall off/smash into telephone poles. and then we meet up with random drunken europeans on a holiday and we make a soapbox car and ride around in it. these two are recurring.

0 · March 23, 2010

Charissa H

Charissa H.

United Kingdom

1230 posts

i had this dream once of like a mentally ill person chasing me and trying to kidnap me. but he looked like a monster thing from a horror film :|
then i had it again a few months later but i managed to get away from him.

pretty weird :') haha

0 · March 24, 2010

C Cat

C C.

United States

229 posts

my brother and i had really similar dreams on the same night. it was so crazy. i dreamed that i went into this cemetery in our town alone at night on a dare and i found a set of stairs leading into the ground and went down them and it was daylight down there and i was in a field of tulips. my brother dreamed that he found a set of stairs in our back yard at night and it led to daylight on a lake. it's also really weird that we even thought to tell each other about them.

0 · March 24, 2010

Diana Antonia

Diana A.


1724 posts

I almost always remember my dreams, so I have a lot of crazy ones.

One time I dreamt that I was a prisoner and in a prison where torture was allowed. But it wasn't a real prison, it was my old school but with a diffrent enviroment around it (rocks, fences, prisonguards with weapons). I was there with two close friends and a guy that I barely know, but somehow when we decided to flee from the prison I lost my two close friends and sat under a rock with this guy and we talked about how they'd kill us.

Another time I dreamt about that I had been at my grandmothers house and somehow I ended up on a big stage in front of thousands of persons. And I was supposed to sing, and I can't sing so I paniced. But when the crowd started yelling I started to sing and it sounded good. Then somehow I ended up in a friends house eating cupcakes.

Dreams can be a bit weird, can't they?

0 · March 24, 2010


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