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People who can't dress for the weather.

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Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

A typical day.
Walk into college, and there is a group of "cool" kids, thinking there at the peek of fashion.
What are they wearing?
Deck shoes, rolled up jeans, a "vintage" looking top and a hoodie. This is in winter.
They have been wearing this for 6 months now, unable to tear away from the summer fashion.
The only consolation is some of them are wearing a rolled up beanie, oh wait, 3 are wearing the same one...
It irritates me so much that people often find there style in the summer, then refuse to come out of it till the next.
Can anyone tell me why?
And who else is annoyed by this?

5 years ago

Aurora .

Aurora ..


3744 posts

I'm not sure if you're annoyed by people wearing the same style all year or people that wear summer clothes when its too cold..
is it warm enough there to wear that year round? it doesn't annoy or bother me, they just can't come up with stuff on their own and have to follow whatever was "in" for the next year or so until something else is "in".
I wish I could wear summer stuff all year.... mostly because I want it to be warm all year.

0 · March 3, 2010

Hannah H

Hannah H.

United Kingdom

35 posts

I know what you mean! If you live in England, you have to be prepared to dress for colder weather! It annoys me when you see girls in hoodys and a long top in the middle of winter,especially when it was snowing! I mean, did they not look out their window this morning and think to dress appropriately? Apparently not!

To summarise my rant, it annoys me also.

0 · March 3, 2010

Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

it really isnt warm enough!
and when we get a tiny bit of sun but tis still ball clenchingly cold, we get people wearin shorts and flip flops.

0 · March 3, 2010

Mia O

Mia O.


154 posts

Because they look sooo good, and what on earth could they wear apart from that and look sooooooo good in? It's the same in Dublin too.... I am cold when i wear a hoody and a coat!

0 · March 3, 2010

Zoë Deluge

Zoë D.

United States

721 posts

I understand what your talking about, I live in Los angeles so everyone wear's the same style all year round, granite it doesnt get too cold during the winter, but I still see the same tired ass trends for two years in a row. its rare to see progression haha

0 · March 3, 2010

Becky C

Becky C.

United Kingdom

469 posts

It's hilarious when they're trying to pretend they're not cold in an ugly polo and horrendous Havianas when it's snowing outside.

0 · March 3, 2010

Aurora .

Aurora ..


3744 posts

@Sam T.

in that case I completely understand, I'm not so much annoyed as confused though. it was maybe 2°C today and there were people in tees everywhere and girls in minis and flats with nothing on their legs. I'm in my winter coat still.

0 · March 3, 2010

Jazz Nicole

Jazz N.

United States

2653 posts

Today, a kid in my class came in wearing flip flops and t-shirt. lol, I love the spring enthusiasm, but it's been cold and/or rainy for the past several days.

0 · March 3, 2010

Tamara Y.

Tamara Y.


215 posts

ick - what is really disgusting though is the uggs & denim they not see the blatant contradiction there?

0 · March 3, 2010

Esther  Morrissey

Esther M.

United Kingdom

45 posts

it seems that the instant that there is any winter sun people decide to go into summer mode even if its really cold out side
i mean come on denim shorts with tight under and a vest top is not aloud in any season let alone February
get some clothes on and maybe a scarf or two

0 · March 3, 2010

Sam Thorne

Sam T.

United Kingdom

47 posts

i dont know whats gribs are

0 · March 4, 2010

Abysm Haynsworth

Abysm H.


16 posts

honestly, i dont really like summer. I like winter better so I can wear many outer hehehe *no one ask you, Bi!*

0 · March 4, 2010

Barbro Andersen

Barbro A.


231 posts

Hahaha, like this? :D


0 · March 11, 2010

Sarah S

Sarah S.


1972 posts

Yes, especially when they do it the other way around - Ugg boots and a beanie cap during the summer! It just started getting a little warmer here (maybe 5 degrees Celsius) and people assume that it's okay to wear sandals and shorts all of a sudden.

0 · March 11, 2010

Eloisa Hexx

Eloisa H.

United States

117 posts

im sure we all have been guilty of this mistake

i do this in spring because its so akward
i dont like to dress for it and i dont even bother buying the clothes for it

yeah but i do change it up and EVERYONE SHOULD

0 · March 11, 2010

Fernanda B.

Fernanda B.

United Kingdom

37 posts

all i can do i show my frustation by saying i agree and it annoys me so much. I just can't understand. If you dress like that in the winter care to explain me ?

0 · March 12, 2010

Mika P

Mika P.


2056 posts

well, in any case, they're the ones freezing, not you, so i dont see why you should be so bothered by this. i live in a tropical country and right now, it's summer, and i still wear boots and layer my clothes and continue to dress like i do any other time of the year. maybe i have developed a higher threshold for heat or maybe i just dont care?

0 · March 12, 2010

Georgia Lonergan

Georgia L.


162 posts

we're just coming out of summer here in australia.
but so many people wear jeans in summer here, it's insane.
even when it's 30°C plus!
i mean, i don't really like the look of my legs in shorts but jesus - JEANS?!
it doesn't bother me too much i guess but... eh.

0 · March 12, 2010

Mara C

Mara C.

United States

4925 posts

I plan to run around relatively naked when it gets warmer. I just get tired of my clothes being dictated by weather, so I get the urge to dress completely the opposite when the seasons change. But I actually don't mind wearing tights or having bare legs in winter. As long as my torso is warm, I'm fine.

That's in St. Louis, though... in Las Vegas, I can wear jeans all year, because I'm used to it. It'll be hot out, but I'm fine with wearing a hoodie in the summer. And when people in St. Louis complain about the heat... it gets humid, yeah, but it was still really easy for me to wear warmer clothes when I wanted.

0 · March 12, 2010


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