Making your own clothes?

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Olivia A

Olivia A.

United Kingdom

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I'm not sure if this goes in the DIY forum or not, since I'm not sharing DIY tips, I just want to ask if anyone here makes their own clothes? I have a very unique style, so I find it VERY hard to find clothes that suit my own personal 'vision' especially in the high street, almost all of my clothes shopping is done online for this reason. But even so, I find it very difficult to find clothing that suits my desires....

so I thought, why don't I make my own clothes? I have some experience with making my own clothes, as I make costumes like below:

I haven't made any 'casual' clothes for myself yet, but I'm exploring the idea and would like to.

I wondered if anyone else makes their own clothes, what they think of it, and if they have any examples to show? :D I would love to be inspired!

2 years ago

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

Wow, you are so talented! Loved you work!

0 · March 1, 2016

Olivia A

Olivia A.

United Kingdom

10 posts

@Lily J.

Thank you so much! <3

1 · March 1, 2016

Bethery Yang

Bethery Y.

United States

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I make my own clothing, mostly for fashion shows since I'm a fashion design student. Here's a collection I designed last spring.

 photo 11059166_10155559387685176_5896322819740210484_n_zpsxocuh4cl.jpg

 photo signature black_zpss8va9oxl.jpg

0 · March 4, 2016

Olivia A

Olivia A.

United Kingdom

10 posts

@Bethery Y.

Looks amazing!! I love how co-ordinated they all are together

0 · March 6, 2016

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

i make some of my own clothes. i make very simple tops, skirts, trousers with an occasional kimono and occasional dress. you can find them under these tags from my blog

0 · April 24, 2017

Hot One

Hot O.

United States

51 posts

I make my own clothes, too as I have my own unique style I just can't find in any store!

0 · June 15, 2017

Terry K

Terry K.

United Kingdom

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Hi, I make my own kilts.
Its a hobby, and hand stitched wool kilts are way too expensive for me to buy.
I have also made myself a stingy brimmed pork pie hat out of leather and am currently working on a veg tan sporran stamped in a celtic pattern style.

0 · July 22, 2017

Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H.

United Kingdom

427 posts

This post has inspired me to make my own clothes. Lovely creations

0 · July 25, 2017

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

i've just made a proper dress for the first time. i modelled it on an h&m dress that i wanted but didn't fit me. i'll blog about it this week

0 · August 8, 2017

Ann Wood

Ann W.

United States

8 posts

@Olivia A. Your costumes are so cool! I made some costumes by myself for cosplay) And some simple dresses as 'casual' clothes.

0 · August 10, 2017



United States

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Beautiful! The closest I've ever come to making my own clothes was hand-painted tees and sneakers over a decade ago.

0 · December 27, 2017


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