Blog Layouts - What do you like best?

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Samia Liamani

Samia L.


3 posts

Hi everyone!

I'm starting to take blogging seriously again, so I re-launched my blog. Right now I'm using a layout with an infinite scroll, that shows full posts, so readers can see the posts one by one.

Do you like reading blogs with:
- infinite scroll with full posts
- magazine layout (every article with photo and title + small preview)
- infinite scroll with preview to full post but not magazine layout

Does it depend on the blog and the content? Let me know!

over 1 year ago

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

I like it, I think it's comfortable. :)

0 · November 11, 2016

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

i like them all depending on the content. the ones with snapshots of the post where you click on the pic to see more is usually my favourite. but it depends on the quality of the pictures. mine are terrible so i don't use this format and just use the title with a click more button

0 · November 23, 2016

Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H.

United Kingdom

427 posts

It's fine the way it is

0 · January 5, 2017

Maria B

Maria B.


18 posts

Personally I don't really like infinite scroll. I prefer to see like 5-10 posts per page and then go to the next set.
Also i prefer to see the preview so i can quickly scroll through and only read the in-depth article when I'm interested in a topic.

You can see what I mean on my own blog,

0 · February 6, 2017

Hot One

Hot O.

United States

51 posts

Infinite scrolling can lead tointernet bogging down! Not all PCs can handle infinite scrolling, so ya know!!!

0 · May 10, 2017


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