What gear makes the best street-style shots?

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Sebelle Sharmine

Sebelle S.


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I usually shoot with a 5D Mark III and I think the 50mm goes pretty well with half-body shots since it's a portrait lens, but the 35mm is too wide and sometimes misses the little outfit details.

What camera body/lenses do you usually use?

12 months ago

Hot One

Hot O.

United States

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I just use a regular camera equipped with a little tripad that I screw into place, then I have my camera set to daylight mode and distance mode (depending on how far the main subject is from the camera) whenever I'm taking or having shots taken outdoors! Indoors, it's kinda different for me as I have a lot of the older tusgen lightbulbs, but my indoor pics kinda turn out alright at best, but outdoors my pics always come out perfect!

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