How's your weather? :D

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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

I live in New York, a smallishy urban town. Not too far from the big city.
Almost 2 weeks ago it was 90 degress. Now it's in the 30s Dx.

I hate bi-polar weather.

Next weekit's suppose to rain the whole time too. :O

8 years ago

Dea .

Dea ..


128 posts

It's warm, but the wind is freezing. Or maybe it's just me.

0 · August 28, 2010

Fariah M

Fariah M.

United Kingdom

35 posts

it has been raining heavily lately...

0 · August 29, 2010

Sophie Leigh D

Sophie Leigh D.

United Kingdom

2132 posts

miserable, typical british summer

0 · August 29, 2010

Lucy D

Lucy D.

United Kingdom

574 posts

In London it's nice and sunny today but turning colder.

0 · September 18, 2012

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

I'm in south England. It's quite warm for this time of the year, and very sunny, but chilly in the morning when I leave for work.

0 · September 18, 2012

Lara K

Lara K.


232 posts

I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard of Melbourne, Australia. It is the THE most bipolar (tri-polar, quadri-polar) weather I have ever experienced, and I have visited a fair few countries, and met many exchange students and tourists that attest to this.

In the morning you'll wake up and it'll be sunny and nice, and you'll hope that it's going to stay that way for the rest of the day. So you'll wear some heels, shorts and pretty shirt and go out on the town, doing whatever you need to.

In the time between you leave your house and arrive at your location it would have already started to go all gloomy and cloudy and cold and EXTREMELY windy. Luckily, you would have brought a jacket.

You'll then watch as it begins to rain, lightly at first, then extremely heavily. But you'll be inside a nice warm building, so you wont mind. Because you know it'll change again.

30minutes before leaving your work/school the weather will look like its going back to the nice warm sunny facade it had in the early morning. Then when you do actually leave it'll be hailing so hard, the hail-stones would be the size of the top of your thumb. You'll use your jacket as a make-shift protective barrier to cover your head and avoid a concussion and somehow get to your car/bus/train in one piece, without the extreme winds knocking you over on your way. Even if you brought an umbrella with you it'll be useless in the wind.

And when you finally do get home and try to wind down after all the'll finally go back to being a nice calm sunny balmy afternoon. That is, until you try to sleep and it begins to storm....

0 · September 19, 2012

Anna Anna

Anna A.


26 posts

i live in copenhagen, denmark, and at the moment it's very moody. yesterday it was chilly but sunny and then suddenly it started to hail like a motherfucker for about 5 min's all the while the sun was shining.

0 · September 20, 2012

Anne-Marie L

Anne-Marie L.

United Kingdom

91 posts

Its a nice hot night now, in the south west English countryside (:

0 · September 20, 2012

Sarah S.

Sarah S.

United States

82 posts

I'm from LA and it's been in the low 90's here! Longing for fall weather :(

0 · September 22, 2012

Mary -

Mary -.


128 posts

I'm from Sweden, so naturally it's raining. >_o

0 · September 22, 2012

Daniela C

Daniela C.


16 posts

it's sunny and windy here at Santiago, Chile... like 22 °C I think.

0 · September 24, 2012

Léna R.

Léna R.


173 posts

I'm from France and it's always raining ! I can't take pic' outdoors :(

0 · September 26, 2012

Zahra S.

Zahra S.

United Kingdom

125 posts

I live in Torquay, Devon and the weather is so annoying! One minute it's pretty and the sun shines, the next minute rain pours down. One day it's to hot to wear a jacket, the next thing you'll be wearing a windbreaker.

Back home in Indonesia the weather is always lovely. Sunny and warm, with enough humidity to make my skin moist and glow. I hate British weather and the cold! An Equatorian girl just cannot stand the cold European wind.

0 · September 30, 2012

Alyssa Anselmo

Alyssa A.


215 posts

Very cold in Canada, VERY! But soon I will be moving to Europe after school to get away from this dreadful place :D

0 · October 4, 2012

Casey Nicole

Casey N.

United States

54 posts

i live in san diego and the past couple of weeks it has been up in the 90s and 80s and its finally starting to cool down, which means 70s ahaha not much cooler but then again its basically 60s all year round

0 · October 6, 2012


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