Anybody remember when you started dressing .......

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Andres Camargo

Andres C.

United States

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Anybody remember when you started dressing like you wanted, no parents involved?

P.s i love details! :D


over 6 years ago

Randi Butler

Randi B.

United States

2400 posts

When i was about 14. It was a crash and burn experience. I just grew out of the Old Navy kid's section so i felt awkward, and didn't know how to shop. It took me 2 years to find out how to dress myself xD My mother always picked out our clothes at Kmart and Old Navy, so discovering other stores took a while. Plus, we rarely ever shopped or went to the mall.

It's funny, now i try to go every chance i get :P

0 · May 15, 2010

Andres Camargo

Andres C.

United States

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@Randi B.

awe! nice story! :)

0 · May 15, 2010

Lisa Sophia

Lisa S.


148 posts

yeah ... the good old avril lavigne phase when I was 12/13 ... It all began back then for me too :)

0 · May 15, 2010

Hunter Holden

Hunter H.

United States

9 posts

I JUST started dressing like I wanted to... I've always been held back by my peers and classmates in middle school. To fit in, you had to have brand name sweatshirt and brand name jeans. So thats all I ever wore.
But when I got to highschool this year, it was a completely different story. People there are so open to diversity , and actually enjoy dressing different.
Soooo.. anyways, a couple months ago I finally started realizing what I liked and nobody (not even brand names) mattered to me anymore :D

0 · May 15, 2010

Diana Antonia

Diana A.


1725 posts

I started buying clothes from the adult section when I was 11, cause the kids clothing didn't fit me (I was very tall for my age).
So around that time I started to pick out my own clothes in stores. But back then I wore jeans and T-shirts all the time, everything I wore was extremley boring except from a few formal dresses I bought when I was 13 and they're still the best things in my closet.

And anyways, my parents didn't care too much about what I wore as a kid. I missmatched everything in my closet. =)

0 · May 15, 2010

Amethyst .

Amethyst ..

United States

457 posts

hm, I think I started dressing myself when I was like 6?
I remember always wearing dresses and that my style was greatly influenced by my want to be a princess. I remember wanting Cinderella's glass slippers and being over joyed when I found out about jelly shoes and their likeness to glass slippers. Lastly I remember how OCD I was about costumes; like if it wasn't perfect or the dress looked crappy or I just got accessories I'd have a big hissy fit (come to think of it, I'm still OCD about costumes, only now I don't throw hissy fits XD )
in my embarrassing preteen/early teen years I went through a Avril lavigne/emo phase(I'm not proud of it, but we all fall pray to such stupid things) than in my later teen years my style transfered to my-very-own-weird-version-of-scene phase(not proud of that either, but I came up with the whole "scene" style before everyone stole it from me and made it lame >.<) and finally now that I'm 19 my style varies on my mood but tends to be heavily influenced by the 80's & my childhood heroes.

Also this is off topic but I really miss sneakers with my favorite cartoons on them, those were the phizz nizz!

0 · May 15, 2010

Andres Camargo

Andres C.

United States

10 posts

<3 it

0 · May 15, 2010

Andres Camargo

Andres C.

United States

10 posts

@Amethyst ..

heheh lovely :)

0 · May 15, 2010

Guilty Hyena

Guilty H.

United Kingdom

21 posts

When I was 10 yrs old, I started wearing neck chokers, dog tags and waistcoats. Before that, all the blame lies officially to my mum, for some of my hideous clothing, even wore a matching Santa styled coat with my sister. Looking back I didn't understand then why I use to get grown adults smiling at me and my sister when walking to school. I totally am aware now why!

0 · May 15, 2010

Ashley Kins

Ashley K.

United States

258 posts

Ever since I had the mental capacity to dress myself. Sooo, when I started talking? xD I just always remember being able to pick out my own clothes.
My mother would take me to Osh Kosh B'Gosh and let me parade around the store letting me look for clothes I liked. My grandmother also did this for me when we went to Toys R Us (yeah, I still find it odd they had clothes).

0 · May 15, 2010

Nicole .

Nicole ..


291 posts

When i was like 12 or 13, i also got into the avril lavigne/ emo phase. My outfits before were horrible.. and i dont even wanna remember them.. i started dressing up when i was 14 and had my own style. Good thing my mom loves fashion and fashion magazines so she was fine with the way i dressed.

0 · May 15, 2010

Jake LM

Jake L.

United States

25 posts

Same here, Willem. Mine buys me some all the time. In fact I just got off the phone with her because she's in California for a couple days and she said she picked me up a bunch of shirts. Anyway, I think I've always been allowed to wear what I've wanted.

0 · May 16, 2010

Andres Camargo

Andres C.

United States

10 posts

awee <3

0 · July 6, 2010

Lynette Watson

Lynette W.

United States

53 posts

Hmmm.. I think about 5th grade? I wanted to be a punk rocker SO bad back then....It's a releif I grew out of that :)

0 · July 6, 2010

Some Wanker

Some W.


56 posts

I remember in a mufti day in primary school, about year 5, I wore my school tie with a tee.
I was an idiot now that I look back on it, but yeah :L

0 · July 8, 2010

Rita M

Rita M.


93 posts

Up until 7th grade, i was a tomboy, cuz my mom used to by me things. But I been buying my own clothes since then, 13 years old I think. My style has changed many many times since then. In Junior year I started dressing more vibrant and attention-getting since our uniform was so strict, I wanted to rebel whenever I could. When I got into uni i became much more girly. And in my third year ( last year) I think I found my niche in vintage and NOW Rockabilly style. Im still working on revamping myself and my closet.

0 · August 15, 2012

Linda B

Linda B.


187 posts

Hm, I've always hated clothes. Hated shopping and my mom always bought me clothes and I simply wore them... Until about 7-8th grade when I wanted to rebel and dyed my hair green. Still didn't really care about what I wore, just my hair. Until about.. last year maybe? When I got more comfortable with myself I started wearing dresses, and I had never even had the thought in my life to wear a dress! God what I missed all these years! I've always been a tomboy, but I'm really happy of the new wardrobe I'm creating today. :)

0 · August 15, 2012

Lara K

Lara K.


232 posts

It was a looong experience for me, I used to have my mum pick my clothes out until I was 11. From then till about 13 I always wore the same clothes everyday (a t-shirt, jeans and comfy shoes). Then my mum started bugging me about how I never wore anything different, or never wore anything besides the top 10 favourites of my shirts, so I decided to try different things after a while. Then I think I flailed around for a while, trying peasant tops and skirts, and all sorts of odd girly things I never thought I would. Then I think I went through an emo stage with stripey leggings and black skirts and fingerless gloves. Then finally just before the age of 17 I finally found a semblance of balance. I still wouldn't say I dress exactly like how I wish I could, I couldn't ever afford to have all the different shoes and dresses and pretty jewellery I want (god knows my closet is already bursting), but at least now I can at least feel confident that I know who I am and that what I wear was chosen by me for me :)

0 · August 20, 2012

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5621 posts

not until i was about 17 when i got to 6th form. only then could i be out of uniform. i never cared before that and didn't have the confidence to wear nice things or understood anything about style

0 · November 1, 2014

Pooja Mittal

Pooja M.


14 posts

I clearly remember the day when I started taking dressing up seriously , it as my class 5 parents teacher meeting, I was wearing a cropped knotted top and a mini skirt which my mum designed for me and my class teacher called me heroine. that was the day i started taking dressing up serously

0 · November 14, 2014


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