How do you make a tuban/headwrap?

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Kendall H

Kendall H.


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hello, i am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to make/tie a turban or headwrap, a bit like these ones:

almost 8 years ago

Natasha- Bianca

Natasha- B.


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you'll need 2 pieces of material (stretchy material works best),

1. wrap the first piece around your head fairly tightly and cut to size.
2. fold the material in half to preferred width (good sides facing eachother)
3. sew edges together leaving a hole or gap in one corner to allow you to invert it to the good side of the material.
4. sew the ends together with a seam.
5. get the second piece of material (smaller and thinner one) and repeat step 3.
6. wrap it around the first piece tightly where the ends join so it hides it.
7. hand sew the edge so that it is secure.

ive made a few using my own method haha ^^

if you can't be bothered, theres a turban headband/wrap that is velvet with a bow in sportgirl for $20.
its the one im wearing in my first look.

0 · May 19, 2010

Kat O

Kat O.

United Kingdom

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her blog is awesome and the video tutorial is very helpful!!

0 · May 20, 2010


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