How do you dress during your flights and travel

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Camille Alexjandre

Camille A.

United States

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My family works for an airline and on many of my international flights I see girls decked out in dresses, super high heels, with their hair and makeup completely done, so that when they step off the plane they look ready for a photoshoot. Also I see guys all dressed up in their best outfits too...

Honestly, I usually just wear leggings and a tunic or long sweater depending on the time of year and country i'm visiting. Even for domestic flying I can't bear heels or even jeans in a plane seat for more than 20 minutes or I get agitated. I guess by the time I get off a plane and go through customs I don't even care how I look, i'm just happy to be off the plane...

So I was wondering, how does everyone dress while on a plane? Do you go for a more comfortable style, or do you get all decked out so that when you land you're all ready to go?

almost 8 years ago

Camille Alexjandre

Camille A.

United States

17 posts

@ Lawliet : of course I care! That's why I asked! I'm really interested in this and am getting tons of ideas =)

0 · May 29, 2010

Charlotte S

Charlotte S.

United Kingdom

654 posts

i was on a 24 hour flight to new zealand & i wore/had in my backpack- jogging bottoms, cardi, hoody, oversized tee & a long vest.
i had a floral long vest but, just be comfortable. when you get to your hotel you can just unpack & change.
-unless its a quick flight, but nahh comfort it key.

0 · May 29, 2010

Camille Alexjandre

Camille A.

United States

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trying to picture that outfit now...

Thats why I wear leggings and long dresses...they are cottony and I can sleep in them...

0 · May 30, 2010

Charlotte Lucy

Charlotte L.

United Kingdom

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Oh i go for comfort all the way, although on my last flight i ended up wearing heels. This was only due to the fact that my luggage was over the allowance so i swapped the flip flops i was wearing for the chunky heels that were packed! But yeah i was wearing a big floppy hat, sunglasses, t-shirt, harems and a pashmina.

0 · May 30, 2010

Morgan H

Morgan H.

United States

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Does anyone remember in The Parent Trap when Natasha Richardson looks at both Lindsey Lohans in button-downed shirts and says "girls why are you dressed like that? we have a plane to catch." My mom then told me British people dress up to fly more than we do...
I'd prefer to see that though...because mainly I only see girls with velour track suits carrying huge pillows. I'm all for comfort....but some things should just stay in the house. My favorite is when I'm flying to Arizona and I see the juicy suit paired with cowboy hat and then some sort of stuffed animal.

0 · June 3, 2010

Shahinoor .

Shahinoor ..


7 posts

I tend to dress up, because I want to look presentable to the whoever i'm meeting first as soon as I get to my destination.
I'm travelling tomorrow and I will definitely be dressed up so that when I get picked up from the airport at home, I look good.

0 · June 3, 2010



United States

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I wear leggings. It easy to slip on and comfortable. With leggings, I just pair it up with whatever.

0 · July 8, 2010

Shiori Mine

Shiori M.


622 posts

depends on the flight but if it is shorter I tend to wear a stretchier pair of skinnies and if it is longer, I'll wear black leggings. Usually I wear a loose vneck or top and a cardigan or jacket. I tend to wear flats since I can wear socks without looking silly if it gets cold and easier to slip on and off for security.Then I shove all my crap in my black carry-on duffel and i'm good.

0 · July 9, 2010


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