REDHEADS, love it or hate it?

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Malin Oberg

Malin O.


16 posts

What do you think about redheads, gingers, the soulless (hahha) etc.....

I actually dyed my head red just today (I have some pictures at my blog, haven't made a look with the hair yet) and well.. The opinions about it has been very different haha.

So what do you think?

8 years ago

Abigail Silver

Abigail S.


1 posts

I love love love red hair. I wanted to dye my hair red for years and my mom never felt right about it. (I'm a good girl. If momma says no, I don't do it.) Finally, I got her in her weakest time, after a half a bottle of red wine and asked her if I could dye my hair. She pretty much told me to go out and get the box of dye and then we'd do it. It's done and I love it. that's my latest look with my red hair. (:

0 · May 29, 2010

Sophie .

Sophie ..

United Kingdom

95 posts

I'd love to have red/ ginger hair, it's so beautiful but I highly doubt it would suit me.

0 · May 29, 2010

Ess. S.

Ess. S.

United Kingdom

26 posts

I love red/ ginger hair, I think it's really pretty. :) I want to dye mine red but I don't know if it would suit me.

And, your hair is reaaally lovely! :)

0 · May 29, 2010

Retsy Claire

Retsy C.

United States

273 posts

I was born with red hair, so it's my go-to color (now my hair has grown rather brown). I think red hair is beautiful and I don't like it when people use ginger derogatively =( It makes me sad.

0 · May 29, 2010

Melanie B.

Melanie B.

United States

408 posts

i just started dying my hair red a few months ago and i absolutely love it! best decision i've made when it comes to hair so far

0 · May 29, 2010


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