'The Scene'

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Abbey-Jade Birden

Abbey-Jade B.

United Kingdom

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So i'm starting a photography project entitled The scene which is a theme for a magazine I hope to get my work published in, However it is so difficult trying to interpret this theme in a fashion way in my head!

The only things I can think of are...
-A black eyed peas; I gotta feeling, type of shoot. Think The Hills, The City, fashionistas on a night out?

-Places where certain groups of people hang out - this would be more 'arty' and documental than fashion which would be a nice change to what i usually do.

So what ideas do you guys get from 'The Scene'?
Anything would help just to form a solid idea in my head :)

8 years ago

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

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Thats what I would have gone with ("fashionistas on a night out"), if you need another theme, all the photographers I know seem to be doing "corrupted youth" and their pictures seem to have come out pretty well!

0 · May 31, 2010

Abbey-Jade Birden

Abbey-Jade B.

United Kingdom

26 posts

I think i will go with the fashionistas on a night out theme :) The corrupted youth is a great idea too, but as you've said all the photographers you know are doing it, so hopefully this will stand out more :) Thankyou for the help!

0 · May 31, 2010

Jeremy Cunanan

Jeremy C.

United States

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i say a fashionista on vacation ... and she has friends and travels all around the world ...
enjoying life and PINACOLADAS !!! lol

0 · May 31, 2010


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