Let me see how sporty you are!

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Michaela Scalisi

Michaela S.


10 posts

I'm interested if there are sporty fashionable people on lookbook.
So show a picture of you in action or describe what sports you do! :-)
I'm doing figure skating in my spare time...

almost 8 years ago

Alexe G

Alexe G.


1912 posts

I have no photos, but I used to swim a lot. Now I just teach swimming. Only other sport I do would be ski, I love it, and I can also board. Dats abt it. I quit a zillion though, quit horseback riding, ballet, basketball and flag-football.

0 · January 2, 2011

Charlotte Hansen

Charlotte H.


103 posts

I started playing soccer when I was about 8 or 9, but then quit about 2 1/2 years ago. I really miss it though and I might start again soon! I have a few pics, but they're not really that good - but I'll share :) The reason I quit was because I went to America as an exchange student. There I got the chance to try other sports. I did cheerleading, basketball and track :)

From when I played soccer:

These were from a long time ago, so don't laugh ;)

Hahaha, I love my face :D This was in 2009 - it was all classes at my school against each other.

Same with this one, but this one is from last year :)

From when I was a cheerleader:

I'm the one with the white hat on the left.


Me in the front with the black hat :) Haha. We were such bad cheerleaders!

From when I played basketball:

My team during a game.

My time to play. I was horrible :)

Number 21 ;)

From when I ran track:

Me in the front.

AND I WON :D Haha.

0 · January 2, 2011

Charlotte Hansen

Charlotte H.


103 posts

@Michaela S.

Your picture is so pretty! I wish I could do figure skating. I love the dresses you get to wear :)

0 · January 2, 2011

Mara H

Mara H.


610 posts

i don't have pics right here, but i played soccer and basketball when i was younger.
i miss playing soccer, it was always fun...

0 · January 2, 2011

Ceci L

Ceci L.

United Kingdom

239 posts

@Diana A.

You should definitely start :) I regret not taking it up earlier!

0 · January 4, 2011

Barbara Millicent Roberts

Barbara Millicent R.

United States

54 posts

0 · January 4, 2011

Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H.

United Kingdom

427 posts

I don't have a picture but I do dance.

0 · January 4, 2011

Sophie Rebecca

Sophie R.

United Kingdom

4347 posts

I was a gymnast when I was younger, then I got into Kyokushinkai Karate for a while and I'm looking to start Shotokan soon!

I'd love to horse ride

0 · January 4, 2011

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5695 posts

i was a dancer. not any more, all of that flexibility and posture has vanished haha

0 · March 15, 2014


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