A question for my french speaking friends!

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Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn

Rachel-Marie I.

United States

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I am wondering which is the correct way to pronounce JOIE DE VIVRE.
I am finding that online people pronounce it two different ways -

1. jwah - dee - veeve - rah
2. jwah - dee - veeve

which is correct? thanks!

almost 8 years ago

Jillian H

Jillian H.

United States

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I'm pretty sure it's fine either way, my French speaking friends say it (and similar sounding words, such as livre) in both ways.

0 · June 27, 2010

Elle Marina

Elle M.


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I'm French :) France/Quebec haha
Say it like Mika said, if you want to sound even more French, roll your r's with your tongue :) haha

0 · June 28, 2010

Sylvia S

Sylvia S.


421 posts

Most French people pronounce the R very slightly and almost undetectable.
At least, that's what i've always encountered.

0 · June 28, 2010


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