Screen printing images on clothes?

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Randi Joan

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does anybody know.habe any experience with this? i wanted to put a printed image of something on a piece of clothing. no clue what to do!

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Sarah-Jean S

Sarah-Jean S.

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you're going to need a screen and some t-shirt ink to start. If you find somewhere that will let you use their lab, you're set, but if not you'll have to do it the ghetto way.

Print your image on to some sort of tracing paper or vellum and tape it wrong reading with clear tape to a screen covered in emulsion (a lot of screen printing supply shops will sell you pre-emulsioned screens or will help you apply your emulsion once you buy it if they're not too busy) then leave your screen out in the sunlight for a few minutes so the UV rays harden the emulsion (your image should be facing up) then wash out the screen with a hose or something and all the places where the image you printed was blocking the sunlight will wash out of the screen. then you just need a squeegee and a laminated surface to work on (like an old fake wood desk or something) and you can push the ink through the stencil area on to the t-shirt with the squeegee. Then you'll need to dry it at whatever temperature your ink brand recommends, that way the ink doesn't wash off.

I hope that helps. I tried to be as brief as possible. There's a lot to learn with screen printing though. Maybe see if you can check out a copy of Print Liberation from the library. That's a pretty helpful book for the at home screen printer.

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