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What racist remarks have you ever made/ been made against you?

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Chambré H

Chambré H.

United States

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I remember one time when I was 7 my babysitter (who was black) and I were thrown out of a store for no reason. There was lots of yelling and cursing on the part of the store owner.

Also recently I was downtown with my mom when an old white hobo said to us: "This is my world, no niggers allowed!!"

Also sometimes the racism is subtle, just little things that people think you don't notice, like what a person might say or do. My principle does that a lot... -__-

What about you?

5 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5544 posts

does 'if you're jewish why doesn't your grandma make chicken soup?' count. and then measure my jewishness by that culinary stereotype. or being mistaken for indian or muslim all the time. not offensive but annoying when being talked to in gujarati by indian grannies or being accosted by pervy indian guys or being asked by muslim girls if they have seen me in the mosque. so forever i have to keep telling people that i'm iraqi jewish which everyone acts like it doesn't exist

0 · November 2, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5544 posts

i just got my first 'dirty jew' and 'filthy jew' and 'drown the jew' comments recently. surprised it hasn't happened sooner from all of those anti-semites cruising around the internet

0 · November 17, 2014

Wally Wardell

Wally W.

United States

105 posts

"You're the whitest black-guy I know"

0 · November 17, 2014


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