Anyone chemcially straighten/curl their hair?

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Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

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I've been relaxing mine for years, but i'm thinking of wearing it natural. It's an extremely hard decision because it's so thick, kinky, frizzy, and dry (which is above all, unmanagable). However constantly having to straighten it and relax it is tiring to. I was thinking of going in between and trying something called "texlaxing".

Any thoughts, or has anyone had experience with this?

over 7 years ago

Tunu K

Tunu K.

United Kingdom

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I haven’t relaxed my hair for monthssss mostly purely out of laziness and secretly loving the afro feel.
But wow if i don’t blow dry it after washing, i literally break combs and combing my hair hurts.

I am also indecisive of whether i should continue breaking combs or eventually it texlax it.

0 · July 23, 2010

Jennifer Kiln

Jennifer K.

United Kingdom

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Ive used the Braziliana treatment before, but it did nothing for my naturally curly (very curly) hair. But ive heard loads of good feedback from one called Keratin complex. A friend of mine who's got hair similar to mine swears by it and gets it done every 3 months (as it eventually wears off) It relaxes your hair (not straighten) and makes your hair easier to manage and style :)

0 · July 23, 2010

Tainá Castro

Tainá C.


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Yeah, I relax it too.. But just on the top because I like to have some curls. And I'll never stop doing it, I guess!

0 · July 23, 2010



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i'm going to tell you girls something that will blow your mind, japanese magic straight. it costs a lot of money at a beauty salon but if you go to a asian salon they give you awesome prices. i literally didn't have to straighten my hair for a year, it's by far my favorite remedy for coarse, curly, and unmanageable hair.

don't give me back sass about how it's terrible for your hair, and etc etc. it makes your hair SILKKKYYY smooothhh and has actually given my hair a chance to look healthy and awesome.


0 · July 23, 2010


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