Military boots with shorts?

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Garrett N

Garrett N.


28 posts

ok so i'm having a bit of a dilemma and i need your opinions because i just cant decide.
What do you think about boots/military boots/doc martens or watever with shorts?

almost 9 years ago

Garrett N

Garrett N.


28 posts

ahahahahahaha oh definitely not camouflage shorts thats for sure

0 · June 4, 2009


T S.

United Kingdom

275 posts

yeah, thats looks sounds good, maybe with denim shorts!

0 · June 30, 2009

Tamara Y.

Tamara Y.


215 posts

LOL camouflage shorts with military boots?! I think I would cry if I saw this on anyone! Other than that, I love this style, I wear it all the time!

0 · June 30, 2009

Ryan Ramsay Bennett

Ryan R.


2 posts

no to cargo shorts.

0 · June 30, 2009

Maree Vie

Maree V.

United States

106 posts

military boots are fine with shorts girl!
whats even better is wearing socks or like leg warmers sort of like with them too! :)
just don't pull the sock all the way up to your knees though.
maybe a little pass where the boot goes up to, ya dig?


0 · June 30, 2009

Chloe A

Chloe A.

United States

3839 posts

I've worn cowboy boots with cut offs before. boots with shorts actually work pretty good

0 · June 30, 2009

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


7596 posts

It kind of reminds me of the SA, those guys were so gay. Brownshirts or not, combat boots with shorts create all sorts of homoerotic, fascist imagery. Very Tom of Finland-esque.

It would be fine on the ladies though, totally not geigh.

0 · June 30, 2009

Ally B

Ally B.

ROOM 707,
United States

11 posts

i think it works.. as long as the proportion is right.. (like someone already said.. no cargoes!) :)

0 · June 30, 2009


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